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Starting Out on our Journey for the Third 100-Issue Run, with the Driving Force of 200 MSI TDR Issues behind Us

by MSI

Ümit BAYRAKTAR / ubayraktar@milscint.com
Executive Editor

On the 16th anniversary of the first issue of the Turkish edition of MSI TDR  we are delivering the 200th issue of this edition to our readers, as another first in the Turkish defence and aerospace sector.

Here’s the story of how we embarked on our 16-year journey to 200 issues:

The seed that would grow into MSI TDR was a student club journal that was launched in the second half of the 1990s entitled Teknik Uçak (Technical Aircraft). Before our paths crossed with M5 – the legendary magazine from our childhood – at the beginning of the 2000s, Teknik Uçak hadevolved from a student journal printed on photocopy paper into a glossy sectoral publication. Our press adventure, which advanced to the next stage under the M5 umbrella, took a brief interlude when M5 took a hiatus in March 2004.

Two months later, the Defence Industry Executive Committee meeting, held in May 2004, opened the door to a new era, both for the sector and the sectoral press. As a result of the decisions taken in the said meeting, which all but changed the riverbed for the Turkish defence and aerospace industry, Turkish companies became the main contractors for the development of many systems that entered the inventory, both at home and abroad.

Another result of the meeting was the launch of MSI TDR, which was established with the decisions made at the meeting in mind.

In November 2004, the first issue of the Turkish edition of MSI TDR started playing the critical role in promoting the systems produced by Turkish companies as main contractors, introducing to the public the main actors in the ecosystem in which those systems were created, and sharing the developments carrying the signatures of those actors.

In parallel with the subsequent development of the sector, MSI TDR has grown stronger and stronger since then, and coincidentally enough, the 200th issue of the Turkish edition of MSI TDR, which first entered the hands of its readers in November 2004, finds its readers once again in another November.

Behind the success of MSI TDR, which has played a critical role in the development of the institutional memory of the sector since 2004, is a highly devoted and competent team, as is the case with any great success story.

Institutional Memory of the Sector and MSI TDR

We have followed the sector step-by-step, both at home and abroad, on our journey to 200 issues over the past 16 years, and have witnessed many critical moments. We have heard much more than what we’ve seen, and we have shared with you what we have been able to confirm as accurate.

As the industry developed, we started to see and hear more and more things.

In the special “History” section of this issue, we bring together the main developments witnessed in the sector and the highlights of the institutional memory we have recorded since our first issue in November 2004.

This special section can be viewed as a record of the origins of the sector, and the progress achieved along the way. As you will see in the section, in the early years of MSI TDR, newsworthy developments in the Turkish defence and aerospace sector were few and far between – in the first issue of the magazine, there was not one single newsworthy development in the sector.

In the period that followed, however, and especially after 2009, a serious spike can be seen in the newsfeed.

As a natural consequence of its increased popularity, the sector has now become a major source of news for reporters on different platforms. This is one of the biggest differences between the past and present of the sector. Yesterday, finding newsworthy developments was a chore, but today, even the smallest development is covered in many news reports.

As the years went by and the sector developed, the amount of news increased in parallel to the newsworthy developments.

This led to further sectoral interest in the press, and in turn, further press interest in the sector.

Reference Publication of the Sector: MSI TDR

In this environment, MSI TDR, with its Turkish and English editions, stand at the heart of the news feed of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, serving as a reference publication both in Turkey and abroad.

Built on the experience gained with Teknik Uçak and M5, bringing the right news to the right people in an appropriate way is what MSI TDR has done best in the 200 issues produced to date.

To do this, we first “understand” the subject; we “communicate” itto the interested parties; and we “promote” it in the best way possible. This approach will continue to illuminate our way on our third 100 issue run.

Here we’d like to give Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries, the final word:

“… Of course, sometimes, with the popularisation of the defence and aerospace sector in Turkey, the political and promotional aspects come to the surface, making it important to stay within the limits. You need a reliable source that keeps track of such limits, that is to say, one that provides authentic news and relies on technical knowledge rather than demagogy. Here, I find the role of MSI TDR to be very important, as there are also entities that exaggerate the subject, or try to belittle or humiliate it to make it appear deficient. We need to be able to provide reliable information to both the domestic and foreign public, and in this respect MSI TDR is an important source of information about what is happening in Turkey and what is being done.

There is also the tabloid aspect. If you focus entirely on technology, you attract a narrower audience, but if you go the other way to tabloidisation, demagogy follows. It is necessary to strike a balance between the technology and tabloid approaches, and in my opinion, MSI TDR does this very well.”

As the first monthly publication of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector to reach its 200th issue, we would like to express our most sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the achievements of MSI TDR and to this great success. We hope to see you again throughout the next 100 issues, in which we will share with you the highlights and developments of the coming years.

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