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Steel Framed Pistols from Sarsılmaz for Classical Pistol Enthusiasts

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

Sarsılmaz has an extensive pistol line-up, consisting of over 65 models created through the company’s engineering and design capabilities, that can meet various demands from its users. An important choice the users must make is the pistol’s frame material, with two options being the most prominent: polymer and steel. Steel has been the “traditional” way of making pistols, offering reliability and strength, and a better performance on follow-up shots due to their weight.

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P8 L has cooling channels on its barrel.

Sarsılmaz designs and produces all its pistols to produce excellent results in performance, efficiency, and safety. These models are launched after extensive engineering efforts and testing processes in line with international standards. As for steel pistols, Sarsılmaz uses a steel alloy that has been in use in arms industry for a long time, a strong alloy that stays reliable through the life cycle of the pistol.

In the field of steel framed pistols, which is the first choice of classic pistol lovers, the models offered by Sarsılmaz perform very well in professional, sportive and personal use, with the most prominent of these models being:

  • K12 SPORT and K12 SPORT X models are made for competition shooting.
  • P8 S model, with its 97 mm barrel length, is the model for people who want concealability and lightness.
  • Kılınç 2000 series pistols have been serving in Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and Turkish National Police (TNP) reliably for years.
  • K11’s slide can be operated even when the pistol is in safe, and as such, it is the primary choice of people who operate in dangerous missions.
  • K2 45 and K2-45C models have a capacity of 14 .45 ACP rounds, which is a rarity among the pistols that chamber the said round.

All these pistols are very reliable, and other than K2 45 and K2-45C models, they all chamber the 9×19 mm round.

The steel framed pistols from Sarsılmaz use double action mechanism other than K12 family. In this action, the hammer gets cocked as the trigger gets pulled, up to a certain point. Then, if the trigger still gets pulled, the hammer drops down, leading to a shot being fired if there is a round in the chamber. Double action pistols are chosen by people who wish to have a round chambered yet not desiring a misfire situation. As for single action pistols, they are preferred by people who are into marksmanship.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 2022-06-09-p-8-S1-1024x876.jpg
P8 S model is easier to carry than P8 L thanks to its shorter barrel length.

Steel framed pistols are firm in hand, due to their weight, and they reduce muzzle rise as well. As such, they are ideal for follow-up shots and shots that require precise aiming. These pistols, even though their materials can be considered traditional, are still manufactured by the latest and greatest technologies, and come with state-of-the-art features.

P8 L Can Be Customised as Desired

Sarsılmaz’s P8 L pistol comes with a compensator that further reduces the muzzle rise and forged alloy steel body, slide and barrel. The compensator is housed on the upper side of the barrel, and directs the gases upward after shot, creating a force downward to reduce muzzle rise. This allows the user to make a follow-up shot easier and more accurately. The grips of the pistol can be easily changed as desired. Furthermore, handmade gravure slides are an option for those wish to have some flair in their weapon of choice, and even gold plating and mother-of-pearl inlaying is possible on the grips for an heirloom. If no customisation is desired by the user, matte and black are the two colours the pistol can be purchased. With its long barrel, P8 L offers a strong, reliable performance. The pistol also has changeable sights, both front and back, giving the user as much comfort as possible while using the pistol.

P8L is built with a focus on safety as well. The slide of the P8L has a loaded chamber indicator, giving the user an indicator on if the pistol is ready to go. Another safety feature the pistol has, is a firing pin safety. With this safety, even if the pistol is cocked, the firing pin itself can be made safe, not allowing the hammer to fall. The pistol has two different magazines options, one with a 15-round capacity and the other with 17. In addition, these magazines can have a gold-plated bottom.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 2022-06-09-k2-45.1.1-746x1024.jpg
K2 45 family models have one of the highest magazine capacities for a .45 ACP pistol.

The hammer is designed with ergonomic features in mind, with serrations on it to make manual cocking easier and safer. P8L comes with cooling channels on the slide as well. These channels help the barrel cool faster if the pistol is shot rapidly, preventing its performance from degrading as heat builds up. These channels reduce the weight of the pistol as well. The ergonomic trigger guard also contributes to a lessened muzzle rise through increased controllability in two-handed aiming.

P8 S: A More Compact P8

Another member in the P8 family is P8 S, optionally available in a gold-plated version. The pistol’s changeable grips make it customisable for the user, making every single pistol “one-of-a-kind”. Like P8 L, P8 S also comes with a compensator and cooling channels, offering a robust experience to its user.

The biggest difference between P8 L and P8 S is its barrel length, with a 20mm difference between the models. As such, the users who wish to carry their pistol concealed and women who wish to have a smaller firearm prefer P8 S. However, this shortened barrel length and overall compactness does not affect the pistol’s magazine capacity. The pistol can carry 15 or 17 rounds, depending on the magazine used. P8 S is designed for competition shooting as well, and the pistol’s technical features and its ergonomic structure underlines this fact once again. P8 S also has adjustable and changeable sights, making it a model with development potential.

P8 S is developed with safety in mind as well. The pistol comes with a loaded chamber indicator and a firing pin safety like its larger brother. Likewise, the pistol has a serrated, ergonomic hammer, along with cooling channels and an ergonomic trigger guard that offers increased grip in two-handed use. P8 S manages to be 60 g lighter than P8 L with all its features.

K2 45: a .45 ACP Pistol with Large Magazine Capacity

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 2022-06-09-k2-45.2-683x1024.jpg
K2 45 draws attention with its thin and elegant grip.

A source of pride for Sarsılmaz, K2 45 is a .45 ACP pistol with one of the largest magazine capacities around the world. With its high kinetic energy and stopping power, .45 ACP is in use for over a century as the round is very effective against live targets. Like other steel framed pistol offerings from Sarsılmaz K2 45 has an adjustable and changeable sight.

Another feature of the pistol is its elegant and thin grip. Keeping in mind that the pistol has a double stacked .45 ACP magazine, the engineering efforts to achieve this thinness become apparent more clearly. With its thin grip, the pistol can be easily controlled, and it also has a gentle trigger pull.

K2 45 also comes with a loaded chamber indicator and a firing pin safety in addition to a picatinny rail system in line with MIL-STD-1913 standard. With this system, various accessories like tactical flashlights with standard interfaces can be mounted on the pistol. A serrated, ergonomic hammer is a part of the pistol like other steel framed pistol offerings from Sarsılmaz, enabling the user cock the weapon easily. Yet another feature that draws attention on the pistol is its extra-large trigger guard. This trigger guard is designed to operate the pistol with a thick glove easily. Additional serrations exist on the front facing part of the trigger guard as well, making two-handed operation even more controllable.

K2-45C Offers Compactness and Powerful Ammunition Together

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 2022-06-09-k2-45-c1-1024x683.jpg
K2-45C has a 14-round-capacity, durable, steel magazine.

K2-45C, compared to K2 45, has a 13 mm shorter barrel and 60 g lighter weight, making a powerful ammunition available for its user in a smaller package. The pistol is easy to use with shortened barrel and can be easily customised to fit the user needs as well. The sights are adjustable and changeable, while a picatinny rail system allows accessories like flashlights or laser designators to be mounted under the barrel. The pistol’s magazine is resilient, carries 14 rounds and made of steel. Even with this large of a magazine, the pistol’s grip is thin and elegant. The pistol’s grip fits the hand of the user like a glove, no matter the size of their hands.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı sarsilmaz-2li-1024x677.jpg
K2-45C offers ease of use with its shorter barrel length.

As with K2 45, the pistol comes with loaded chamber indicator, a firing pin safety, a serrated hammer, and a serrated trigger guard as stock.

K12 SPORT: Made for Sporting Events

K12 SPORT is a member of K12 pistol family, developed with sporting events in mind. The pistol is hammer fired, and its slide and body are made of forged stainless steel. The pistol is customisable for its user, both its sights and its trigger can be adjusted. The adjustable trigger allows users to change its reset point, making follow-up shots take more or less time as desired. With adjustable sights, the users can zero the weapon themselves for the conditions at the shooting range or the weight of the bullet. K12 SPORT models use a single action operating mechanism unlike other steel framed pistol offerings from Sarsılmaz. Single action is more often used in sporting pistols.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı k-12.1-edited.png
K12 SPORT’s adjustable trigger allows users to change its reset point, making follow-up shots take more or less time as desired.

The pistol’s safety features consist of a firing pin lock and firing pin safety. The lock is controlled by a lever that can be accessed from both sides of the pistol, and as such, both left-handed and right-handed users can use the pistol as stock without a modification. Firing pin safety is housed on the weapon’s slide and prevents the firing of the weapon unless the trigger is pulled. The magazine release button, safety lever and slide retainer lever are all lengthened, and as such, its users can easily operate the pistol with one hand, leading to faster shooting in a competition. Another feature that speeds up the operation is its specially designed magwell, giving the user ability to change the magazine without losing any time.  

K12 SPORT X for Users Who Demand More

K12 SPORT X is the latest version of K12 SPORT model, an improved competition pistol. The pistol was produced for best possible operation, with cooling channels and a grip that was specially designed to increase controllability. The texturing on the grip prevents the users from slipping the pistol in any way. The pistol comes with an adjustable sight, a firing pin safety, a hammer safety, and a safety lever, along with Cerakote® coating on the grip cover, bringing aesthetics and functionality together. This coating also increases the life cycle of the weapon.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 2022-06-09-k12-sportx1-1024x683.jpg
K12 SPORT X was produced for most efficient use with its cooling channels and improved grip.

K12 SPORT X, unlike the previous model, has cooling channels on the slide. This provides advantages on heat management, like in other Sarsılmaz pistols. In addition, these channels make the pistol lighter. The pistol’s barrel cover is designed to be thinner as well, leading to further weight reductions. These add up to a pistol that is 160 g lighter than K12 SPORT. Like its predecessor, K12 SPORT X uses a single action operating principle.

K12 SPORT X also comes with a firing pin lock and firing pin safety. The pistol has other features shared with its predecessor as well, like a lengthened magazine release button, safety lever and slide retainer lever.

Kılınç 2000 LIGHT: TAF Personnel’s Choice

Kılınç 2000 LIGHT offers high reliability with its full alloy steel construction. The pistol has been in use in Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) for years, and as such, brings confidence to its user. The stainless-steel alloy body guarantees high performance to its user, no matter the circumstances are. The pistol can be easily customised, the grip can be changed, or the body can have engravings as user desires. As such, the pistol is made for a wide audience, bringing tradition and innovation together.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 2022-06-09-kilinc-2000-light1.1-1024x397.jpg
Kılınç 2000 LIGHT has been in service in TAF for years.

The grip of Kılınç 2000 LIGHT fits the hand perfectly with its ergonomic design. The pistol comes with 15 and 17 round magazines. As such, the users can rely on the pistol without worrying about running out of ammunition, even in dangerous areas.

Kılınç 2000 LIGHT comes with every required feature for professional use. The front sight of the pistol can be changed, and the firearm has a three-dot sight. This makes it easy to get a clear sight picture, both in day and night. As with all of Sarsılmaz’s pistols, Kılınç 2000 LIGHT is made with safety in mind as well. The pistol has a firing pin lock, and a serrated, ergonomically designed hammer to cock the pistol quickly. The trigger guard is ergonomic as well, increasing the user’s grip on the weapon.

Kılınç 2000 MEGA: Reliable Quality Through the Generations

Kılınç 2000 MEGA is one of the official pistols of Turkish National Police (TNP). The pistol is one of the highlights of Sarsılmaz’s steel framed pistol offerings, and this model comes with stainless-steel alloy body and an immaculate design, offering high performance to its user at all conditions.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 2022-06-09-kilinc-2000-mega.1-683x1024.jpg
Kılınç 2000 MEGA comes with all the features needed for professional use.

Kılınç 2000 MEGA, with its special mother-of-pearl engraved pistol grip options, is a must for both professionals and gun enthusiasts. The Kılınç 2000 MEGA’s grip comes with features that increase controllability, especially for two-handed use. The thumb on the hand that is gripping the pistol sits perfectly on the protrusions on the grip, and as such, holding the pistol is very easy. The pistol, like its sibling, comes with 15 or 17 round magazine options.

Kılınç 2000 MEGA has an adjustable and changeable sight like its Kılınç 2000 LIGHT. Likewise, a three-dot sight, a firing pin lock, ergonomic trigger guard and hammer are also among the shared features between these two pistols.

K11 Can Be Cocked Even When the Pistol is Safe

Another steel framed pistol offering from Sarsılmaz is the K11, designed for ease of use in every condition. The biggest feature of the pistol is its ability to be cocked even when the safety lever is on safe. As such, the user has advantages in situations where rapid firing or quick cocking is needed. The ergonomic grip of K11 allows its users to shoot quickly, precisely, and controllably. The pistol also has a three-dot sight, making it easier to aim.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı Untitled-14.jpg
K11 can be cocked even in safe mode.

The pistol is offered with 15 and 17 round capacity magazines. As such, the users can determine how many rounds they need. K11 also has all the required features for professional use, and a changeable sight. As with all Sarsılmaz’s pistols, K11 is made with safety in mind as well. The pistol has a firing pin lock, and a serrated, ergonomically designed hammer to cock the pistol quickly and an ergonomic trigger guard to increasing the user’s grip.

Table 1. Technical Specifications for the Steel Framed Pistol Models from Sarsılmaz

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