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STM ThinkTech Met to Discuss the Effects of Global Developments on Turkish Defence Sector

by MSI

The effects of latest foreign policy developments on Turkish defence industry were discussed in detail in the Focus Meeting STM ThinkTech held on 2 March by experts in their respective fields. The meeting was titled “Competition with Global Actors within the Framework of Transformation and Adaptation of Turkish Defence Industry” and was held closed to the press. However, it was highlighted that Turkish foreign policy facilitates defence industry exports as Türkiye plans to be more active.

The meeting was moderated by Ret. Lt. Gen. Alpaslan Erdoğan, Coordinator at STM ThinkTech. The experts who attended shared their views and thoughts with each other in the meeting. The experts were: Mustafa Murat Şeker, Vice President of Defence Industries, Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager at STM, Prof. Dr. Colonel Hüsnü Özlü, Director of Defence Sciences Institute of Turkish National Defence University Alparslan, Behçet Karataş, Vice President of Defence System Technologies at ASELSAN, K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO at FNSS, Prof. Dr. Mazlum Çelik, Dean of Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences at Hasan Kalyoncu University, Ret. Lt. Gen. Nazım Altıntaş, Retired Ambassador Ömer Önhon, Dr. Çağlar Kurç, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Abdullah Gül University, and Hilal Ünal, Deputy Director General at Gökser R&D and Coordinator at SEDEC

Many recent developments were discussed in the meeting, including F-35 fighter. Turkish diplomatic position was reinforced in the meeting as well and after stating that Türkiye was unjustly hit by open and secret embargoes, this situation was condemned.

The following viewpoint could be considered as a summary of the whole meeting: “Recent developments abroad will have an impact for Turkish defence and aerospace industry exports. Our defence industry expands our reach in the foreign policy department, while our effective foreign policy will contribute to increasing our defence exports. The synergy between our foreign policy and our defence industry will increase Türkiye’s position both in the field and in the negotiations.”

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