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High Demand for CANiK’s METE SFT and METE SFx Pistols in the US Market: Over 100,000 Pistols Sold

by MSI

Alper ÇALIK / a.calik@milscint.com

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) had launched two new pistols under its CANiK brand in August, METE SFT ve METE SFx, and the sales figures for just these two models have reached 100,000 in four months. The company aims to continue this trend, planning to sell a further 100,000 in the next four months, and a total of 800,000 in two years after launch.

Utku Aral, General Manager of SYS commented the following regarding the sales numbers the pistols reached in the US market: “Our two new models have sold over 100,000 in a short period of time. This is a bigger number than most pistol manufacturers can reach, with all of their products in a few years. Furthermore, we were able to reach these numbers in the last few months, with the US market shrinking after its Covid-19 boom.”


New Standards for Tactical Marksmanship

SYS completed the full-length frame design of its new handguns in its own R&D centre within 18 months and utilised plenty of innovations in this process. As such, the tactical advantages offered by the METE series pistols to armed forces and security forces has taken a step further with the new METE series.

Some of these new features are a new beavertail and trigger guard for increased ergonomics, an enlarged optic interface and a special rear sight that allows one hand emergency operation. In addition, the handgun can be drawn very quickly with specially designed holsters and can be field stripped to its smallest parts.

All these features offer a better shooting experience to sports shooters and gun owners for personal and home defence purposes.


TP9 METE Series to be Replaced with New METE Series

The newest additions, METE SFT and METE SFx models will replace TP9 SFT METE and TP9 SFx METE over time. SYS plans to replace all models in the TP9 METE product family. Mr. Aral’s comments regarding this replacement are as follows: “We are currently developing a new version of all models within the TP9 METE family with our new frame style. We plan to conclude the production of TP9 SFT METE and TP9 SFx METE handguns after starting the mass production of our new models. However, we will continue to supply spare parts and accessories throughout the life cycle of these weapons as per our ‘Not a Handgun, Rather a Platform’ approach. Our users who have our TP9 METE series handguns can rest assured.”

The most important feature of the new METE handguns, apart from the advanced new frame, is its enlarged optic interface. Not only micro-optics but also reflex sights can be fitted on SYS’ METE series handguns. It is aimed that the METE series will lead the way against its global competitors, with its compatible design with RMRcc product line of Trijicon, a company that stands out with its pistol reflex sighs. In addition, the handguns can be used with both optic sights and iron sights since the handguns have CO-WITNESS feature.

Aral points out the difficulty of such a design: “The important thing here was not to design a Trijicon RMRcc compatible handgun, which was preferred by law enforcement and military units all over the world, especially in the USA, but to design a handgun that was compatible with RMRcc and a handgun that has CO-WITNESS feature. However, we have achieved this thanks to our intensive R&D and engineering.”

Another prominent feature of METE SFT and METE SFx models is the design of rear sights. These rear sights, designed with a slightly downward facing frontal surface, enable the handguns to be racked with one hand in case of emergency. Holding the gun normally from the grip with one hand, the shooter can rack the slide by placing the rear sight against something strong such as the edge of the table or the belt on their waist and then pushing the gun.

C. Utku Aral, General Manager of SYS

Slide Stop Lever Designed from Scratch

METE series handguns can be disassembled and reassembled very quickly up to its smallest parts, including the trigger group, thanks to their special designs. The user can adjust their handgun, according to their preference, without any professional help in this way. The disassembly of the handgun is performed using the newly developed “CANiK Punch” that comes with the handgun. It is possible to disassemble the handgun to its smallest parts as the mechanism of the handgun was designed from scratch along with the new 36 mm slide stop lever for this reason.

The special slot placed in the frame of the METE series right in front of the slide stop lever ensures that the handgun is automatically locked to suitably designed holsters and does not move unless the user wants it to. However, these special holsters allow the handgun to be pulled quickly by opening the lock automatically when the handgun is grasped correctly.

The barrel length of the METE SFT is 127 mm while its total length is 205.5 mm.

These handguns also offer the user a perfect grip with their specially designed bodies and beavertails. The shooter can quickly acquire the sight picture in this way. The shooter can grasp the handgun more easily with their supporting hand thanks to the trigger guard designed to have an upwardly curved lower surface. The new serrations on the sides and in front of the grip also strengthen the grip and make the handgun stick to the shooter’s hand.

Extensive Box Content

In diversified markets such as the USA, the compatibility of handguns with magazine wells (magwells) can be a reason for selecting one model over the other for many users. These special attachments, which expand the magazine entrance of the handguns like a “well”, allow the shooter to quickly insert the new magazine without taking their eyes off the target. The new METE series has a wide magazine entrance thanks to its design, and it acts as a natural magwell. However, shooters who want a larger magwell can use the magwell compatible backstraps that come with the handgun.

Not only micro-optics but also reflex sights can be used on the METE SFT, as on the METE SFx, with their enlarged optics ready slide cuts.

The box of the METE SFT and METE SFx models contain many more accessories. Some of these are:

  • 1 x 18 round magazine (for legal reasons, 2 18 round magazines will be offered to the civil market in Turkey)
  • 1 x 20 round magazine (for legal reasons, 20 round magazines will not be included in the box offered to the civilian market in Turkey)
  • IWB-OWB universal holster
  • Speed Loader
  • Spare backstraps in 2 different sizes
  • CANiK tool case
  • CANiK Punch
  • Cleaning kit
  • User manual
Cooling cuts have been made on the slide of METE SFx.

Table 1. Technical Specifications of METE SFT and METE SFx Model Handguns

Calibre 9×19 mm 9×19 mm
Magazine capacity 18 or 20 18 or 20
Barrel length
(normal barrel)
113.5 mm 132 mm
Barrel length
(silencer attachable barrel)
127 mm 146 mm
Overall length
(normal barrel)
192 mm 210.5 mm
Overall length
(silencer attachable barrel)
205 mm 225 mm
Height 145 mm 145 mm
Width 36 mm 36 mm
(with empty magazine)
791 g 853 g
Frame material Metal filled polymer Metal filled polymer
Action type Single action Single action
Mechanism Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Firing system Striker fired Striker fired
Safety system Striker safetyTrigger safety Striker safetyTrigger safety
Sight Three Dot white Three Dot white
Characteristics Loaded chamber indicatorStriker status indicatorReversible magazine catchAmbidextrous Slide Stop LeverMag-Well Ready Interchangeable Backstrap (2 sizes)Picatinny railWider magazine entrance that can be utilised as a magwell without any additional equipment Loaded chamber indicatorStriker status indicatorReversible magazine catchAmbidextrous Slide Stop LeverMag-Well Ready Interchangeable Backstrap (2 sizes)Picatinny railWider magazine entrance that can be utilised as a magwell without any additional equipment
Inside the box of the new METE series being sold in the USA, there is a 20-round spare magazine instead of an 18-round one along with a special red coloured lock. The USA version of the box is seen in the picture.

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