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CANiK SFx RIVAL: A Special Pistol for Competition Shooters from SYS

by Buse Köse

Alper ÇALIK / a.calik@milscint.com

SYS added a new model to the already-wide CANiK product family with SFx RIVAL which is specifically developed for competition shooters. The pistol offers extraordinary ergonomic comfort to the shooter with its specially designed new frame, beavertail and trigger guard. The special aluminium trigger that brakes at 90 degrees and its new mag-well like built frame (funnel on the grip) allows for rapid magazine changes which can prevent time losses in competitions where even a split second is important. Aside from these, SFx RIVAL offers all the features needed by the competition shooters right out of the box with its adjustable rear sight and draws attention with its aggressive appearance. The company plans to launch the pistol in July.

C. Utku Aral, SYS General Manager

General Manager of SYS, C. Utku Aral explains why they named the pistol “RIVAL” as: “Rival means a person who competes with someone else in the same field of activity or for the same purpose aiming to gain an upper hand. That is why ‘RIVAL’ as the English term for this concept was the most suitable name for our new competition pistol. This name is also a harbinger of a rival that has been produced with superior features than every pistol on the field. As SYS, our goal is to leave all our rivals behind with every new product we introduce to the market. And now with our new pistol RIVAL, we are offering a very competitive weapon to competition shooters all over the world.”

Key to Success in Competition: Speed

In the SFx RIVAL, the special slot placed right in front of the takedown catches ensures that the pistol automatically locks into suitably designed holsters and does not move unless the user wishes to do so.

SFx RIVAL contains many features to expedite shooters. For example, the special slot placed just in front of the takedown catches on both sides of the pistol, ensures that the pistol automatically locks into suitably designed holsters and does not move unless the user wishes to do so. In addition, these special holsters only release the locks automatically when the pistol is held correctly, allowing the pistol to be drawn quickly. This feature can create a significant difference in the competitions, in the total score of the shooter.

One other innovation in this pistol is the diamond-cut aluminium trigger that brakes at 90 degrees. This trigger is an advanced version of the patented flat aluminium trigger on the TP9 Elite-S Combat model. In this new trigger, while the diamond cut surface that prevents slippage provides the shooter with a high level of trigger control, the shortened pretravel and reset distance allows for rapid shooting.

Similar to METE SFx and METE SFT, the SFx RIVAL’s trigger guard is designed so that the bottom surface is curved upwards, allowing the shooter to grasp the pistol more easily with their supporting hand.

Aral says about this particular trigger: “Increasing the breaking point to 90 degrees is a first in mass production pistols in the world, being a feature generally observed in trigger mechanisms of special designs. Here, we are taking the superiority of our CANiK brand in trigger technologies one step further into a new level.”

Funnelled (Self Mag-Well) Grip Provides Genetic Advantage

SFx RIVAL also draws attention with its aggressive design suitable for the competitive nature of the competitions.

Mag-wells today are a must-have addition for achieving the speeds that competition shooters need. These special additions that expand the magazine entry of the frame like a “funnel” allow the shooter to insert a new magazine quickly without taking his/her eyes off the target. The grip of the SFx RIVAL, which has a large magazine entry due to its design, acts as a natural magazine funnel. Plus, for shooters who want a larger mag-well, the pistol comes out of the box with a mag-well fitted matching with their pistol colours. This design also provides an advantage to the shooter in competitions that allow pistols with a built-in magazine funnel (mag-well) but do not allow the use of add on mag-wells.

In addition to all above, the special grey colour of SFx RIVAL, which complements the elegance, bears the signature of the world-famous ceramic coating company CERAKOTE™. This colour, specially designed for SFx RIVAL, is registered as CERAKOTE™ “CANiK RIVAL GREY”.

SFx RIVAL draws attention not only with its exterior design but also with its user-friendly new interior design. Thanks to this new design, the user can easily disassemble the pistol, down to the smallest component, including the trigger group, with just one metal punch.

Ergonomics Means Performance in the Pistol

The pistol provides a perfect grip to the user with its specially designed advanced frame and beavertail allowing rapid acquisition of sight picture. The bottom of its trigger guard has a curved design, allows the shooter to grasp the pistol more easily with their supporting hand. And the new serrations on the sides and front of the handle reinforce the grip and allows the gun to stick to the shooter’s hand, so to say.

One of the innovations in SFx RIVAL is the lightened straight diamond-cut aluminium trigger that brakes at 90°.

In addition, the shooter can adjust the rear sight of the pistol, thanks to the adjustment screws without the need for any gunsmith. There is also the necessary interface on the slide to which the optical sights can be attached. To do that, one only needs to remove the Optic Cover Plate on the slide. Since it is embedded in its Optic Cover Plate, the pistol’s own adjustable rear sight system does not increase the profile. Thus, the upper part of the pistol does not snag to clothes or holsters.

Similarly, thanks to its special design, the pistol can be disassembled and assembled to the smallest component quickly even in a competition. Thus, shooters can easily clean their pistols in case of an unexpected situation that may occur during the competition. The disassembly of the pistol is done using the newly developed “CANiK Punch” that comes with the pistol. The fact that this pistol can be disassembled down to the smallest part is made possible with the pistol’s new mechanism designed from scratch and the new 36 mm slide catch.

New serrations on the sides and front of the handle reinforce the grip and allows the gun to virtually stick to the shooter’s hand.

Aggressive Outlook Fit for the Nature of Competition

One other aspect of the pistol that comes to the forefront is its design. Aral explains the design details on the pistol as: “We designed the SFx RIVAL with an aggressive appearance that fits the nature of the competition. We aimed to increase the user’s confidence and motivation. Special cuts on the slide add a powerful look to our pistol. And the fluted barrel reinforces this appearance. “

In addition, SFx RIVAL comes with a very rich box content. Some of the components that come with the pistol are listed as follows:

  • Two 18-round magazines
  • 2 Aluminium magazine extensions (+0 capacity)
  • Aluminium mag-well
  • Competition holster
  • Magazine loader
  • Backstraps (3 different sizes)
  • CANiK Toolbox
  • CANiK Punch
  • Cleaning kit
  • User Manual

With all its features and 127 mm barrel, SFx RIVAL can take part in competitions held by organizations such as DPA, IPSC and USPSA without any restrictions.

Table 1. Technical Properties of CANiK SFx RIVAL

Calibre 9×19 mm
Magazine capacity 18 rounds (There are also 20 round-capacity magazines in the CANiK Official Accessory Program)
Barrel length 127 mm
Total length 205.5 mm
Height 145 mm
Width 36 mm
Dry Weight
(with empty magazine)
835 g
Frame material Fiber-reinforced, metal-filled polymer
Movement type Single action
Mechanism Semi-automatic
Firing system Striker Fired
Safety system Firing pin safetyTrigger safety
Sight Competition rear sight and fiber optic front sight with snap adjustment
Features Diamond-cut aluminium trigger that breaks at 90°
Firing pin Status indicator
Reversible magazine catch which comes in 3 different sizes
Backstraps (3 different sizes)
Accessory rail (Picatinny rail)
Slide catch suitable for use with both hands
Funnelled (mag-well) wide grip

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