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World’s Largest Handgun Lineup from SYS, with 80% Interchangeable Parts

by MSI

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS), whose focus is always on the end-user, offers solutions to every need in the handgun field with its flagship CANİK brand TP9 family. Any user is addressed by at least one handgun in the TP9 lineup, satisfying the needs of security forces and civilians alike, and featuring both competition firearms and those optimised for self-defence. Furthermore, with 80 percent commonality in their components, users are provided with optimum flexibility.

The striker-fired semi-automatic TP9 handgun family has a polymer body and is supplied in the most popular calibres, including 9×19 mm and .40 S&W. Although the handguns within the TP9 family vary in size, weight, and capacity, aimed at satisfying different needs, all are provided with standard features to increase shooter performance.

Quick Sight Picture, Precision Trigger, and Accessories

All TP9 models primarily are equipped with a special sight that aids rapid target acquisition, which means that even in the hands of an amateur shooter, CANİK brand handguns can be directed at the target as soon as they come out of the holster, ensuring precise target engagement.

In addition, all CANİK guns have a patented trigger mechanism, the main parts of which move in parallel to the handgun’s barrel axis as the trigger is squeezed. This eliminates all transverse and side forces within the mechanism, allowing trigger pressure to be easily adjusted. This special trigger mechanism also facilitates the balanced squeezing of the trigger, from the moment the slack is taken up until the striker hits the cartridge.

Furthermore, all CANİK guns are designed from the outset to be compatible with a wide variety of accessories, allowing users to modify their guns to gain the maximum benefit from them, without the need for amateur modifications.

Handguns for Every User

The CANİK product lineup contains at least one handgun that addresses all of the needs of any given user, and in accordance with the changing and developing needs in the market, new models are added to the lineup every year. CANİK handguns are provided in four main categories, depending on their intended use:

  • Tactical Handguns for Military Forces and Law Enforcement
  • Competition and Target Shooting Handguns
  • Self-Defence Handguns
  • Training Handguns

A Platform, not a Handgun

SYS describes its TP9 family not as a handgun, but as a platform, given its modular structure, its acceptance of a broad range of accessories, and the fact that all members of the family have common control interfaces.

Through this approach, SYS develops different versions of the same platform to suit different task profiles. The different sizes of these handguns have the same access distance to all control interfaces, such as the slide stop, the magazine release, the safety switch, and the trigger. As such, personnel who have trained with a full-size handgun can apply the same muscle memory to a sub-compact handgun.

SYS’ CANİK TP9 tactical product family comprises different sizes of the TP9 METE model, which was developed by the company within the Original Indigenous Handgun Development Project initiated by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB). The other versions of METE, from largest to smallest are:

  • SFx METE

Barrel lengths vary between 91.5 and 146 mm, total lengths vary between 170 and 225 mm, and magazine capacities range from 12 to 20 rounds.

SYS has completed the design and development processes of all the models in the TP9 tactical product range, and mass production is continuing. SYS remains fully aware that combat concepts and the related tactical needs are constantly changing, and with this in mind, it closely follows global trends, being ever ready to address any emerging needs.

Handguns Simulating Combat Conditions

SYS’ CANİK training handguns are designed with the understanding that good training makes a good shooter. Accordingly, it produces handguns suited to different training needs, such as basic marksmanship, tactical marksmanship, close combat training, and mechanical training, with a weapon lineup that includes Simunition Kits and Pistols, Practice Pistols, Blank Pistols, and Cutaways. SYS offers all CANİK training handguns with a conversion kit that consists of a slide, barrel, and recoil spring, as well as complete handguns (body, slide, barrel, recoil spring, and magazine).

The simunition kits produced by General Dynamics OTS specifically for the TP9 and TP9 METE series enable the handguns to fire FX marking cartridges safely. The user can thus make use of all accessories while handling their gun in the safest and most realistic way during tactical training.

Although they have the same size, weight, and moving parts as the TP9 METE series handguns, Practice Pistols cannot fire live cartridges due to their structure, ensuring their safe use in any training scenarios, such as those involving hand-to-hand or close combat where the use of actual handguns could pose a risk, as well as in safe dry fire exercises. They are also suitable for getting military and police academy cadets used to the discipline of carrying a handgun in daily life.

Cutaway handguns, which are available for all TP-series handgun models, reveal the internal mechanism of the handguns, allowing them to stand out as an ideal platform for maintenance personnel undergoing armorer training.

The TP9 Blank Pistol, designed to fire only blank cartridges (9X19 mm), is preferred both by action filmmakers and by security forces.

Handguns that Lead to Victory Without Modifications

CANİK’s guns for sportive shooting are designed for competition right out of the box, although they can be modified to suit the specific needs of the individual. These handguns generally have a longer barrel and an improved trigger than the standard models, and the product family includes SFL, SFx and SFx Mod.2 models.

CANİK shooting competition team captain Nils Jonasson’s success with the TP9 SFx in various competitions, as well as his selection as the third best shooter in the world in 2019 and 2020, are indicators of the performance of CANİK’s competition models.

Personal Protection Means Personal Needs

When it comes to personal protection, needs also become personal. CANİK’s self-defence handgun lineup contains many sub-models that are designed around the needs of different shooters. Although there are slight differences between these sub-models, they are all designed to have low recoil and to fire 9x19mm rounds – the ideal calibre for self-defence. Developed in line with user needs, these models can be further customised with different accessories. They have an ergonomic design and high magazine capacity, and come with sights suitable for aiming under low light conditions.

CANİK’s handguns for self-defence, as perhaps the most crowded segment of the CANİK family, are listed below, from the largest to the smallest:

  • SFT
  • DA
  • SA Mod.2
  • SF
  • SF Mod.2

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