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SYS Underlined That It Is A “Platform Producer”

by Buse Köse

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS), which brought plenty of innovative solutions to IDEF, showcased not only the firearms it produces, but also a wide selection of accessories and maintenance kits that serve for the entire lifetime of the weapon, presenting the company’s approach to its products as not mere weapons but platforms that have a lifetime and able to be modified according to the needs of the user and mission with different accessories. The company also presented its brands such as MECANIK, CANiK Tech, CANiK Academy, CANiK News, CANiK Team and CANiK Smart along with CANiK Global Accessory Programme in the fair.

SYS also signed a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) on the second day of the fair. According to the memorandum, the sales of CANiK brand pistols in Pakistan will be under the guarantee of POF.

Different Missions, Different Accessories

CANiK M2 QCB configuration recommended by SYS for operations on land.

CANiK M2 QCB heavy machine gun was exhibited with a variety of configurations, with the most prominent one being what SYS recommends for operations on land. Said configuration includes quite a few accessories, developed both in Turkey and abroad. These are connected to the weapon with Cadex SOLO interface. This interface prevents the vibrations produced by the firing of the gun from reaching the accessories using dampeners, making sure the accuracy and precision do not fall off.

The accessories on the interface are as follows:

  • MTN 90 Machine Gun Reflex Sight
  • PARS 635 Clip-On Thermal Weapon Sight
  • DLIRIL Dual Laser Pointer and Illuminator

60% Weight Savings on Tripods

SYS showcased Carbon Fibre Tripod and T-FH50A1 and T-FH50A2 flash suppressors it developed with its own resources under the MECANIK brand for the first time. These products can be used in CANiK M2 QCB and other M2 heavy machine guns.

The Carbon Fibre Tripod, which weighs just 8 kg is very lightweight when compared to the M3 tripod for M2 heavy machine gun family, already in service, with its 20 kg of weight. The new tripod can be carried easily with just one person.

T-FH50A1 and T-FH50A2 flash suppressors were developed for different use cases. T-FH50A1, with its cut structure, spreads the muzzle flash wider and faster, reducing the heat and light generated by it. This makes the identification of where the weapon is deployed harder, especially in the night conditions. The accessory can be mounted and unmounted on standard M2 heavy machine gun barrels easily.

On the other hand, T-FH50A2 directs the shockwaves at the muzzle like a cone, making the sound of the shot audible to only the target’s vicinity, helping with concealment. It also reduces the vibrations to payloads on vehicles where the weapon is installed. Likewise, in open-body light recon vehicles, it helps reduce the noise from firing the M2 machine gun for the crew. This flash suppressor comes factory mounted on the barrel.

CANiK M2 QCB Maintenance Kit

Everything Required for M2 Maintenance

Another new introduction by SYS in the fair was CANiK M2 QCB Maintenance Kit. The kit includes every kind of equipment needed to perform maintenance and calibration on M2 heavy machine gun. It includes tools like torque wrenches produced specifically for M2 platforms and gauge sets to measure tolerances on the weapon’s wearing parts. With these gauges, the maintenance crew can easily see how much a given part needs replacement, especially on parts like barrel, extractor, and chamber that see the heaviest wear.


These weapons are used very heavily both in the training and battlefield. Therefore, it is very crucial to have their maintenance done right. The maintenance periods are usually determined by number of shots fired, although this might not be a very accurate guideline. A weapon fired only 5,000 times in bad conditions with faulty ammunition might have much worse wear and tear than a weapon fired 20,000 times in good conditions and decent ammunition. In the first example, if the maintenance waits until 10,000 rounds are fired, the weapon might be seriously damaged and need to be replaced, on the contrary, in the second example if the weapon is sent to maintenance after 10,000 rounds, there might be unnecessary maintenance costs. SYS intends to streamline this process for end users with its thorough M2 gauge set in its CANiK M2 QCB Maintenance Kit.


New Pistols Exhibited for The First Time

SYS also exhibited CANiK brand SFx RIVAL, METE SFT and METE SFX pistols for the first time, previously these models were only presented in industry magazines.

SFx RIVAL provides ergonomic comfort to its users with its specially designed new frame, beavertail, and trigger guard. The special aluminium trigger that brakes at 90 degrees and its new frame, designed around its mag-well, allows for rapid magazine changes, preventing time losses in competitions where every millisecond counts. The pistol is also equipped with an adjustable rear sight, providing competitors with everything they need out of the box. Finally, the gun was designed with an aggressive look.


SYS also presented two different models from its new tactical pistol line-up named METE, with these being METE SFT and METE SFx which rolled out to American markets in August. These pistols offer plenty of advantages to users such as armed forces and security forces with their innovations. For example, an expanded optical interface, a rear sight that allows for the racking of the slide with just one hand, and a trigger guard and a beavertail to help with the ergonomics are featured on the pistols. These models are expected to be launched in Turkey relatively soon.

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