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SYS to Show its Full Strength in IDEF’21 with Its New Products and Brands

by Aybars Meric

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) introduces its new products and brands at IDEF 2021. The company is physically exhibiting the M2 series 12.7 mm heavy machine guns produced under the CANİK brand, for the first time at IDEF 2021. SYS also highlights the SFx RIVAL developed for competition shooters and the TP9 SUB ELITE CAS pistols developed for concealed carry at the fair. The company’s IDEF agenda also includes the promotion of its brands such as CANiK Academy, CANiK Store, MECANIK, CANiK App, CANiK Smart, CANiK News and CANiK Tech as well as CANiK Official Accessory Program.

The special coating technology applied by SYS provides the CANiK M2 QCB-N heavy machine gun with greater corrosion resistance.
Designed especially for aircraft use CANiK M2F has a higher rate of fire than the CANiK M2 QCB.

The QCB version of CANiK M2 has now entered mass production, and SYS has carried it ahead of the competition through intensive R&D studies that have doubled the life of the barrel, firing pin and ejector. The weapon also stands out with its accuracy, achieving below 6 MOA with standard ammunition.

Different Designs for Army, Naval and Air Forces

When the M2 heavy machine gun is to be used by dismounted ground forces, the weapon is mounted on a tripod. Being produced as a single part item, it is very difficult for a single person to carry this tripod weighing approximately 20 kgs. On the other hand, the carbon fibre light tripod developed specially by SYS and that weighs only 8 kgs can be easily carried by personnel.

Many weapon systems developed for land platforms are also integrated into naval platforms with little to no modification for such reasons as cost-effectivity. The adverse environmental conditions in the sea, like saltwater, can affect the weapons negatively. The special coating technology applied by SYS provides the CANiK M2 QCB-N heavy machine gun with greater corrosion resistance.

SYS, and its weapon integration specialist subsidiary Unidef, have developed lighter mounts for aircraft using different alloys and distinctive design principles. This has resulted in integration solutions that can provide high firepower without the adverse effects of weight, as this is one of the main design constraints for aircraft.

Extended Lifespan through Focused R&D Studies

The extended life of the barrel, firing pin and ejector of the CANiK M2 QCB, distinguish it from its peers, and this life extension is a result of intensive R&D and testing. The company started this journey to produce the world’s best M2 heavy machine gun, under the CANiK brand. Its efforts led to the development of a nonesuch barrel manufacturing technology that is unique around the world. Thanks to these studies, the accuracy of the barrel has been increased to less than 6 MOA.

SYS launched mass production of the weapon and has reached a production capacity of 3,000 units per year as of 2021. SYS has thus become the fifth company in the world with the ability to produce this renowned machine gun that has already recorded considerable battlefield experience.

New Pistol for Competition Shooters: SFx RIVAL

SFx RIVAL also draws attention with its aggressive design suitable for the competitive nature of the competitions.

SYS is also exhibiting its SFx RIVAL pistol, developed especially for competition shooters, for the first time at IDEF’21. The pistol offers extraordinary ergonomic comfort to the shooter with its specially designed new frame, beavertail and trigger guard. The special aluminium trigger that brakes at 90 degrees and its new magwell like built frame (funnel on the grip) allows for rapid magazine changes which can prevent time losses in competitions where even a split second is important. Aside from these, SFx RIVAL offers all the features needed by the competition shooters right out of the box with its adjustable rear sight and draws attention with its aggressive appearance.  In addition, thanks to the new body design of the SFx RIVAL, the user can easily disassemble the gun down to the smallest part, including the trigger group, with just a single metal punch.

CANiK TP9 SUB ELITE CAS: Indispensable for Secret Missions

In addition to the FT Bullseye sight, the TP9 SUB ELITE Sub Elite CAS can also be used with the classic iron sight set.

Another new product being promoted by SYS at IDEF’21 is the TP9 SUB ELITE CAS, which offered for sale in January 2021. This handgun offers many advantages, especially for missions where the pistol requires a concealed carry. Pistols with CAS technologies can be used day or night, thanks to their integrated fibre-tritium optical sights, which need no batteries, and their features allowing rapid draw preventing snagging on casual clothing during undercover missions. These pistols, while supporting classic iron sights, also offer rapid firing with their new triggers.

CAS, short for “CANiK Advanced Sight System”, is a technological infrastructure adaptation that the CANiK R&D centre has been working on for around a year. CAS technologies allow the combination of iron sights with fibre-tritium optic day/night sights. To achieve this, the slide of every pistol model to which the CAS technology will be integrated is redesigned to allow the mounting of fibre optic sights on the pistol as an integral part of the cover, rather than as a protruding accessory.

SYS Lands at IDEF’21 with All its Brands

SYS is promoting its CANiK brand firearms, along with other brands, at the event. These brands and their most prominent features can be summarised as follows:

  • CANiK Academy: Under this brand, CANiK provides advanced tactical and medical training predominantly to governmental institutions. At IDEF’21, additional information will be provided about both these trainings and the professional shooting team of CANiK, while a mini range at the stand will allow shooting.
  • CANiK Store: Within this brand, there are physical and online stores where firearm enthusiasts can find every item they are looking for under one roof, from pistols to accessories, optical sights to clothing, and even ammunition depending on their country of residence. There will also be a section at the SYS stand at the exhibition, hosting CANiK Store, where accessories that are part of the CANiK Official Accessory Program and MECANIK brand products will be displayed.
  • CANiK Official Accessory Program: Within the scope of this program, all kinds of accessories and spare parts that are compatible with CANiK-brand pistols are designed, produced or supplied, qualified and marketed.
  • MECANIK: MECANIK is the accessory brand for universal firearms. This brand includes optics, silencers, tactical textiles and fire safety equipment.
  • CANiK App: This mobile application is compatible with all other platforms of CANiK, and can be accessed by users using their CANiK ID. Users can keep a record of their shooting and maintenance with the application by entering information about their pistols and accessories. The application also features a built-in Shot Timer. The application also allows the exploration of the CANiK pistol family and accessories. In the future, CANiK Configurator and CANiK Smart, which will combine pistols and accessories in a virtual environment and offer user-specific firearm solutions, will also be accessible via this application.
  • CANiK Smart: The products to be offered under this brand include smart systems integrated into the pistol to measure and analyse user performance during shooting, and consequently, advice the user how to increase their shooting performance. These systems are developed by Unirobotics, one of the SYS affiliates.
  • CANiK News: Special interviews, various live events and first-hand news about CANiK, are broadcast through this brand. A studio prepared particularly for CANiK News broadcasts will accompany SYS stand.
  • CANiK Tech: SYS established this brand in order to inform users correctly on technical issues. Training programs under this brand are available to everyone, from government agencies to maintenance units and authorized services. In addition, various informative videos are published with CANiK Tech on the official YouTube channel of CANiK.

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