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CANiK M2 QCB Heavy Machine Gun of SYS is Ready to Take Part for Border Security

by MSI

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS), showcased the M2 QCB 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun it produces under its CANiK brand along with the pistols it produces under CANiK brand. The company informed the visitors about the usage of the weapons for border security and defence of military bases as well.

SYS attended the event with its subsidiary Unidef. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of the Internal Affairs visited the company’s booth and was informed about CANiK M2 QCB.

C. Utku Aral, General Manager of SYS, summarised the usage of the CANiK M2 QCB for border security, to be delivered in very near future to end users in Turkey, as follows: “CANiK M2 QCB has incredible stopping power with its 12.7mm rounds and an effective range of 1,830 metres against area targets. Thus, it is a weapon that can be effectively used in both permanent outposts and mounted on vehicles as remote-controlled weapon systems to protect borders, especially in flat areas like plains. Furthermore, the existence of a weapon like this deters the would-be threats. Another very important aspect for border security is security forces serving in border checkpoints. We offer various models of our wide range of CANiK pistols to them. All the pistols, from the smallest to the largest, are capable of meeting the demands of security forces and surpass them. The biggest proof of this is our official invitation to U.S. Customs and Border Protection bid for pistol procurement in 2018. We were able to reach the finals with our superior CANiK pistols in the bid.”

SYS offers its CANiK M2 QCB with plenty of accessories that may give it even more effectiveness for border defence.
CANiK brand pistol family from SYS.

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