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TDU Presented Its New F-16 Inflatable Decoy

by Can Kılınç

TDU Savunma Sistemleri (TDU), a company that provides technical textile solutions for the defence and aerospace industry, presented its F-16 inflatable decoy, its latest addition to its wide inflatable decoy product family, including tanks, artillery guns, vehicles, weapon systems, missiles, and more.

The inflatable decoys produced by TDU are utilised not only in tactical cover and deception operations in conflict areas, but also used as training material and targets for firing in peacetime. In real combat situations, a battalion task force size unit can be set up within 45 minutes with a platoon personnel wherever and whenever needed, helping friendly units to deceive the enemy regarding their position and intent. The company officials state that the decoy units act as an important force multiplier in the battlefield.

The products can be quickly inflated with an air pump and can hold their structural integrity for 4 days without the need for additional inflation. They can be produced in desired colours and patterns, and if required, can be made to emit thermal and radar signatures. The decoys can be moved where needed with their wheeled mounts.

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