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New CEO of TİTRA is Dr. Davut Yılmaz

by MSI

Dr. Davut Yılmaz has been appointed as new CEO of TİTRA, which operates in the fields of unmanned systems, artificial intelligence, image processing, smart cities and smart health. Dr. Yılmaz started his new job as of January 14.

After performing the duties of R&D Director and EASA Design Organization Head at THY Technic, Dr. Yılmaz continued his career as the General Manager at STM for 4 years. STM, during Dr. Yılmaz’s tenure, became one of the world’s top 100 defence companies for the first time in 2017. During this period, Dr. Yılmaz also represented Turkey on the board of directors of the European Security Organization (EOS) and played a key role in determining the EU’s security industry policies.

Dr. Yılmaz served as the General Manager of BMC Group before assigned as CEO of TİTRA. Within the scope of this task at BMC Group, besides presenting competitive and innovative products to the global market, he took a leading role in the development of future strategies.

M. Selman Dönmez, Founder CEO of TİTRA, will continue to work within TİTRA as the Chairman of the Board.

As MSI TDR, we wish Dr. Davut Yılmaz success in his new duties.

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