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TTAF Defence Expands its Product Range through Tactical Fiber Optic Communication Solutions

by MSI

You can read the article published in the May 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


As a reliable solution partner in the defence and aviation sector, TTAF Defence participated at IDEF 2019 with an expanded product range. Besides the cable harness and electromechanical boxes it currently manufactures, the company also displayed at its stand the Tactical Fiber-Optic Communication solutions of OPTOKON, with whom it has concluded a strategic representation agreement.

The OPTOKON products on display at the TTAF Defence stand included:

  • LMWSW-83M Ruggedised PoE Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • LMCP-41H Mobile Computing Platform
  • LMPIT High Class Rugged IP Phone
  • HMA Expanded Beam Connectors

OPTOKON and TTAF Defence aim to established a joint venture company for the production of these products in Turkey. Following the first phase of this partnership, in which the necessary products will be procured directly from OPTOKON, TTAF Defence will start to work with its domestic solution partners to gradually localize these products in Turkey. By the end of the second year, indigenousness will reach 30 percent, and in the second year this rate will rise to 60 percent. Through this partnership, which includes elements of technology transfer, TTAF Defence will add the design of fibre optic communication devices to its existing design capabilities, and will take part in new and more advanced products to be produced by OPTOKON as a designer.

By launching the manufacture of expanded beam-type fibre optic connectors in Turkey, TTAF Defence will enter into the world league in which only four manufacturers are currently able to manufacture connectors of these types.

Some of these sample products are currently undergoing testing by various domestic prime contractors.


LMCP-41H Mobile Computing Platform

LMCP-41H Mobile Computing Platform


New Export Opportunities

Through this partnership, TTAF Defence will be in a position to export its new products to various third countries. Emphasizing that the Turkish defence and aerospace sector has an increasing interest in fibre optic communication solutions, Ergün İşgör, General Manager of TTAF Defence, speaking about the advantages of this new partnership, said: “OPTOKON is well known in the field of tactical fibre optic communications, and has a wide range of commercial networks in this field. With its well-developed production infrastructure, TTAF Defence has the ability to perform serial production at relatively low cost but at high quality. Thanks to our new joint venture company, TTAF Defence will have the opportunity to open up to new export markets, while OPTOKON will enhance its capacity in this field.”

Explaining why OPTOKON had chosen TTAF Defence as its partner in the Turkish market, İşgör said: “TTAF Defence is a company that is engaged in manufacturing for land, marine and air platforms, and is one of the few manufacturers in Turkey that is able to produce components for land vehicles, in a level of quality and standard desired by the aviation business. The many successful projects in which we have been involved in the past, the new tasks we have undertaken, and the number and type of vehicles on which our products are used are all indicators of this.”


HMA Series Connector

HMA Series Connector


TTAF Defence to Ensure Land Vehicle Communications through Fibre Optics

OPTOKON’s fibre optic communication devices ensure the communication of radios, cameras and other systems inside the land vehicles with each other. Although there are similar solutions on the market, these products run smoothly only with certain radios. OPTOKON products require no integration process and have an almost universal interface, with the ability to work in compliance with almost all radios and similar devices, putting them ahead of their competitors. Fiber optic connectors allow these devices to be connected each other.

Promising high data transmission rates, fibre optic technologies are used also in the ground control units of UAVs, permitting the communication of UAV ground control units with each other.


HMA Series Connector

HMA Series Connector


30 percent Growth in 2018

In 2018, TTAF Defence grew by 30 percent on the previous year, and expanded its workforce to 110, and after being registered as an R&D centre in 2018, the company added new design capabilities to its skills. The total number of projects in which the company was engaged in 2018 increased by 50 percent on the previous year.

The company currently employs around seven R&D personnel and spent ₺1.5 million on R&D studies in 2018, but aims to increase the number of R&D personnel by 50 percent and to invest ₺4 million into R&D in 2019.

After acquiring AS9100 Rev. D certification, the company completed the prototype phase of a project to develop a joystick for air vehicles, which it carried out using its own resources. Should the tests of this product being conducted by various defence and aerospace companies produce the expected outcomes, TTAF Defence will add another item to its portfolio.

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