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TTAF Defence Expands Its Activities

by Can Kılınç

TTAF Defence presented her capabilities in in cable harnesses, electro-mechanic boxes and electro-mechanic assembly manufacturing.

The company provides solutions in wiring harness and piece boxes for various land and air platforms where the customers are Turkish Aerospace, Baykar, Nurol Makina, FNSS, STM, and TEI. The company is getting prepared for the production of new UAV models, and also for the production of cable assemblies for TEI.

TTAF Defence is also working on its Training Panel, which allows training of maintenance personnel of armoured vehicles in wiring and cable assemblies. The data about the vehicle can be uploaded to the panel and the personnel can observe the paths and circuits of all the wires and learn where to check first in case of a malfunction.

The company is reaching conclusion in an R&D project for joysticks as well. The tests of the product have been finished, with only the software review process remaining. The products will be trialled in UAV ground stations and armoured vehicles by users; the company expects the demand for said products to increase after the tests, sometime in second half of 2022.

Left to Right: Tülay Erdener, Human Resources Manager of TTAF Defence, Ergün İşgör, General Manager of TTAF Defence and Buğra Sezgin, Business Development Manager of TTAF Defence

Projects to be Started After IDEF Also Discussed

From TTAF Defence’s point, the fair was very efficient, and it is one of the companies which utilised the fair actively for holding meetings and making contacts. The company had been involved in new projects with 2 of its current clients, and the fair provided an opportunity to discuss the latest developments of said projects as well. TTAF Defence presented its offers, and after the fair, started preliminary work.

Exports were one of the company’s agenda topics as well. TTAF Defence sees Africa and Asia as key export markets after 2022. The company officials met with high level delegations from these regions and commenced efforts to have close contacts with the countries it met, between December-February.

TTAF Defence showcased samples highlighting its capabilities in cable harnesses and wiring.

Ergün İşgör, General Manager of TTAF Defence added the following on the activities of the company during the fair: “We held fruitful talks with our old clients with falling business volumes between us, as they wished to meet, and we have seen some improvements with said companies.

For localisation, we filed an application to ASELSAN for manufacturing some sub-components that we can produce. We were able to meet with relevant engineers about this project.

In the fair, we realised companies outside of Ankara did not have enough knowledge about us, even the companies we are having intense business relationships with. The fair was a very good opportunity for our recognition as well. Most importantly, university students paid a lot of attention to our company.”

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