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TUALCOM Aims to Expand Its Domestic and Foreign Collaboration with New Products

by Can Kılınç

In IDEF ’21, TUALCOM exhibited its high-quality state-of-the-art technology products developed with domestic and national resources. Some of these products are the newest members to anti-jam GNSS product family, Data Links made for UAV applications, mesh network and swarm technology applications. During the fair, the most prominent categories of TUALCOM’s extensive product family were Data Links, Anti-Jam, Telemetry, Flight termination and Electronic warfare products.

TUALCOM officials spoke about their participation to the fair: “We aim to provide valuable solutions primarily to our defence industry, then to become effective supplier in foreign markets with the innovative and state-of-the-art products we develop and manufacture. It is very crucial for us to intensify our activities in which we already collaborate with domestic and foreign companies. IDEF is a very important platform for this as it is one of the most prestigious defence industry fairs in the entire world. We became a part of IDEF 2021 to promote our capabilities, to exhibit what we developed and most importantly, to expand our collaboration with domestic and foreign companies.”

TUALCOM exports to 20 countries. The company took steps to add to this number with its meetings during the fair.

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