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TUALCOM Introduced Their New Product “World’s Smallest Anti-Jam GPS / GNSS System” to the Defence and Aerospace Industry

by MSI

Accelerating its work in the field of Radio Navigation Systems in line with critical needs in indigenous platforms, TUALCOM continues to expand its Anti-Jam GNSS CRPA product family. The company also designed and manufactured their 6th GNSS product, which they defined as “the world’s smallest Anti-Jam GPS / GNSS System” and added it to the jamming resistant GNSS product family. This development was announced on 12 May.

The newest member of the family makes small-sized platforms and weapon systems such as Mini / Micro UAVs resistant to jamming and deception. Working on GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BeiDou bands, this new product attracts attention with its 4-antenna array CRPA and internal GNSS receiver with its 100-gram weight and 7x7x2 cm dimensions.

Other Anti-Jam GNSS Products of the company are listed as follows:

  • TUALAJ-4110: 4 Array, GPS L1
  • TUALAJ-4200: 4 Array, GPS L1, GLONASS
  • TUALAJ-4210: 4 Array, GPS L1, GPS L2
  • TUALAJ-4300: 4 Array, GPS L1, GPS L2, GLONASS
  • TUALAJ-8300: 8 Array, GPS L1, GPS L2, GLONASS

Cooperation with TÜBİTAK SAGE on CRPA

TUALCOM conducts its work on jamming resistant GNSS antenna systems in coordination with TÜBİTAK SAGE. In this context, it cooperates both in technology development and platform integration stages. TUALCOM is responsible of studies, signal processing and control unit while TÜBİTAK SAGE is responsible for phase array antenna design and production.

8-Antenna Anti-Jam CRPA System on The Field in June

TUALCOM continues to work in the field of Anti-Jam systems with the mission of continuous progress. In that extent, the 8-antenna Anti-Jam CRPA system, whose development activities are continuing, is planned to be offered to platforms in June 2020. This system, which will come to the forefront with its ability to work simultaneously on all GNSS bands, will have the ability to print under 7 simultaneous independent jamming threats.

Integrated GNSS Receiver has Become a Standard Feature

All of TUALCOM’s Anti-Jam CRPA products can work with any military or civilian GNSS receiver but can also generate location and time data thanks to the integrated GNSS receiver. Thanks to this feature, it will be possible to make platforms’ jamming resistant GNSS systems smaller in size and lower cost.

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