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TUALCOM Participates to Border Defence Exhibition with Innovative Solutions

by MSI

TUALCOM has a wide range of solutions which are Anti-Jam Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Electronic Warfare, Flight Termination, Telemetry and Data Link product families that supports the systems used to protect land, sea, and air borders.

Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, was informed regarding TUALCOM’s solutions for border defence.

TUALCOM’s Anti-Jam GNSS product family is already successfully serving to achieve uninterrupted GNSS signal by cleaning jamming and spoofing, along air, land and sea platforms. The product family has a wide range of members able to meet various demands. The company has developed and delivered more than 10 different Anti-Jam GNSS models so far which are field and battle proven. The company officials emphasized that they could add new models to the product family quickly and this capability increases both user satisfaction and company’s competitiveness.

TUALCOM can provide user-tailored solutions for its Electronic Warfare product family, like it does for its Anti-Jam GNSS product family .The electronic warfare solutions of the company consist of various receivers. They can be used to detect existing signals for border security, and the detected signals are used to create situational awareness and facilitate decision making regarding to initiate electronic warfare when required.

As for the TUALCOM’s Data Link product family, the systems add mesh/swarm capabilities to unmanned vehicles. Thus, two or more unmanned vehicles can execute border security missions together.

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