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TÜLOMSAŞ Chose Kistler for Engine Modernisation

by MSI

Turkish Locomotive and Engine Company Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ); In the “16 Cylinder Diesel Engine Modernization Project”, which was implemented in cooperation with TÜBİTAK MAM, SDM and Marmara University, preferred Kistler for combustion analysers and in-cylinder pressure sensors.

Kistler will provide the Kistler KiBox® solution, a complete combustion analyser with all functions included in a single package within the project. Kistler KiBox® will connect to inputs such as cylinder interior, exhaust, intake and injection pressures, current clamps and crank angle encoder and collect data. Kistler KiBox®, which will visualize this data, will also perform calculations such as heat release, IMEP, P / V diagram and engine speed in real time and present them visually.

Working in the field of dynamically measuring pressure, power, torque and acceleration values, Kistler also offers solutions to the Turkish defence and aviation industry in different fields. This includes crash and blast test dummies.

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