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Two New Products from Turaç: Anti-Drone Shells and Frangible Cartridges for Special Operations

by Can Kılınç

Turaç had a busy agenda in IDEF 2021, with the company showcasing its newest 5.56x45mm and 9x19mm frangible cartridges it developed for special operations, for the first time. The company also presented its anti-drone cartridges, previously seen in fairs abroad, first time in Turkey. Turaç also met with plenty of foreign delegations and signed a contract with Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF).

Turaç produces its anti-drone shells under its Sterling brand for 12-gauge semi-magnum, magnum, and super-magnum shotguns. The shells are optimised for targets at various distances; however, their maximum range is between 100 and 150 metres. The anti-drone shells are differentiated from standard 12-gauge shells by its shots and wad. These were tested by Gendarmerie General Command for over a year and with the feedback from these tests the company made improvements on the shells and started mass production of them.

Turaç signed a contract with Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF)

The most defining characteristic of Turaç’s frangible cartridges is that the bullets disintegrate on impact when they hit their target inflicting enough damage to it. For this reason, they are often chosen for special missions. For example, during a hostage situation that may happen in an airplane, the terrorists who get hit by this kind of bullet can be neutralized, and in case of misses, the bullet does not damage the aircraft as it disintegrates on impact, leaving no holes on impact. The ammunition also does not bounce from walls or penetrate glass with a thickness over 3mm.

The cooperation agreement signed by Turaç and POF renewed the collaboration between the two organisations started in 2020. The contract deals with the companies selling raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods to each other.

Anti-drone shells Turaç developed for super-magnum shotguns.

Fatih Altunbaş, General Manager of Turaç, summarised his thoughts on the fair as follows: “We caught the attention of many foreign delegations, especially from African countries. On the other hand, we weren’t able to hold every meeting we planned due to the security measures taken on the first day of the fair. The other delegations we met during the fair have told us that they suffered from the same problem. In addition, I think Istanbul is not suitable for a fair like IDEF, as the location and traffic situation was not adequate. I think IDEF going back to Ankara will be beneficial for all the defence and aerospace industry.”

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