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Turaç Showcased Its .32 ACP and .45 ACP Cartridges for the First Time in MRBS

by MSI

Turaç unveiled its .32 ACP (7.65 Browning) and .45 ACP pistol cartridges in MRBS’21. The company also highlighted its anti-drone shells, to be used against border incursions with UAVs.

Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, visited Turaç’s booth and was informed about the company’s activities.

Turaç completed the tests and initial production runs of its .32 ACP and .45 ACP rounds, concluding its R&D efforts. The mass production of these cartridges will be commencing in the near future, and the company aims to reach an annual production number of 3 million rounds for each. Turaç officials claim their cartridges foul the gun less compared to their competitors. The rounds also have a stable internal pressure and constant muzzle velocity, leading to more precise hits.

Mustafa VARANK, Minister of Industry and Technology was among the visitors of Turaç’s booth as well.

The company developed the anti-drone shells for 12-gauge shotguns. Fatih Altunbaş, General Manager of Turaç, shared the following on the anti-drone shells: “As of this moment, commercial drones can be acquired from retailers and their prices dropped to a few hundred dollars. Sadly, this led to the usage of commercial drones for nefarious purposes like smuggling and border incursions. We developed our anti-drone shells, able to be fired from shotguns, to offer a very cost-effective solution to this problem.”

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries visited the company’s booth and was then informed about the company’s products.
Turaç’s .32 ACP (left) and .45 ACP cartridges (right), produced under the company’s Sterling brand.
Anti-drone shell family Turaç developed.

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