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Turkey’s First Virtual Defence Exhibition: SAHA EXPO

by MSI

SAHA Istanbul, the largest industrial cluster in Turkey with 505 members, carries the power of the Turkish defence industry to the virtual world. SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition will be held on 9-13 November 2020, immediately after SAHA EXPO which is on 4-7 November 2020, and will be open to visitors from all over the world.

SAHA EXPO 2020 Exhibition, which will be hosted by SAHA Istanbul at the Istanbul Expo Centre on 4–7 November, will be welcoming participants in a virtual environment on 9-13 November. This will allow end-users and professionals from all over the world to visit the event, circumventing the obstacle of COVID-19.

The virtual exhibition to be held by SAHA Istanbul will be the first exhibition to bring the power of the Turkish defence industry to the virtual world. SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition will be open to visitors round the clock on 9-13 November. The virtual exhibition, through which over 300 participating defence and aerospace sector companies and universities will be able to promote their products and capabilities, will be open to visit with the XperExpo application prepared by SAHA Istanbul member and ASELSAN affiliate BİTES.

AKINCI Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle, ATAK helicopter, ALTAY tank will be at SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition!

The virtual exhibition will offer visitors the opportunity to examine the products and systems developed by hundreds of participating defence companies, including AKINCI Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), T129 ATAK helicopter, ALTAY Main Battle Tank, BAYRAKTAR TB2 UAV and missile systems, and to receive detailed information.

SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition application, which is developed by Turkish engineers, will provide sector professionals to test the products in a realistic manner through 3D modelling and interactive animations. The application will offer various advantages to both visitors and exhibitors.

Be a Visitor from Home or Office

In the digital era, travelling miles from different countries of the world or different cities in Turkey will be something from past with SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition, which will allow visitors to save both time and money. Thus, the difficulties and hardships that long journeys put on companies will be eliminated. Professionals will be able to visit the virtual exhibition from their home or office.

Turkey’s Defence Power will Meet the World

The event will host thousands of B2B and B2G meetings that will be held among over 300 exhibitors and hundreds of purchasing delegations from the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, and the Far East. These meetings will also shape the development of the sector.

Detailed Access to Stands

Visitors will be able to examine all the participating companies and their products, starting from the entrance of the exhibition area with a virtual tour. Going to the desired direction or the company will be determined entirely according to the user’s preferences. With the application, those who visit SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition; will have the opportunity to reach exhibitor stands, examine all their products, see their product catalogues and watch their videos.

Face-to-Face Communication will also be Held at the Virtual Exhibition

Face-to-face communication will also be possible at SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition. In this way, participants will not feel lack of mutual communication. Face-to-face communication among the visitors of the exhibition and the representatives of the participating companies will be provided by XperMeet application. With the help of XperMeet developed by SAHA Istanbul member and ASELSAN affiliate BİTES, the users will be able to connect to the officials of the company they wish with one click and receive simultaneous answers to their questions or be informed by the officials about the subject they want.

Unlimited Visitors from all over the World

With the application to be used online via web browsers, SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition will be open to users from all over the world. The system will allow unlimited number of users to reach the exhibition. The application can be used from all platforms. SAHA EXPO also stands out with its mobile compatible feature. It will be possible to enter the system and visit the exhibition from anywhere in the world, from an online connection point.

Detailed Reports

SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition application will host various features including surveys, analyses and reporting, multi-language support and integration with social media accounts. Also, information such as which user visited the stand of which company, how many times s/he visited a certain company’s stand, how much time s/he spent there, and whether or not s/he downloaded any files, can be accessed from the application. An analysis of this information will make it easier for exhibiting companies to reach their target customers and to interact with them. Meanwhile, visitors will also be able to contact the human resources experts of the exhibiting companies and apply for jobs and internships.

MSI TDR is the Official Publication and Media Partner of SAHA EXPO.

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