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Turkish Aerospace Rises Up 16 Ranks Among the World’s Giants

by Can Kılınç

Turkish Aerospace (TAI) moved up 16 steps to 53rd place in the Defense News Top 100.

The Top 100 list, which is announced annually by Defense News magazine and lists the top 100 defence contractors in the world, was announced in its 17 August issue. Turkish Aerospace was ranked 69th in the 2019 list. Rising 16 steps at once in the 2020 list, the company ranked 53rd with a defence income of $1,858.35 billion. Thus, the company increased its defence revenue by 42%, which was $1,307.65 billion in the previous year. With a total revenue of $2,266.79 billion, the share of defence contracts in its income was reflected as 82% of the total revenue.

Prof. Temel Kotil, President & CEO of Turkish Aerospace, stated the following on the subject: “We continue to raise the bar of our success and strengthen our country with determination and dedication on the way we set out to carry our ideal to the skies and beyond. I thank our state, our nation and our colleagues who put their trust in us. Our objective is to wave our flag in the top 10.”

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