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Turkish Defence and Aerospace Sector Recovers from COVID-19 Shock Quickly

by MSI

Ümit BAYRAKTAR / ubayraktar@savunmahaber.com
Executive Editor of MSI Turkish Defence Review

Like many other sectors, the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, which had already been struggling against various challenges, was significantly affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

However, we can say that most of the companies in the sector have been able to recover quickly from the initial shock, to put the necessary measures in place and to continue production. Meanwhile, the personnel, working in areas other than production have already started or will start remote working.

As a sector that is generally not suited or accustomed to remote working, our first impressions are that aside from certain departments, such as business development and marketing, whose work is predominantly with stakeholders outside the company, the lack of the necessary infrastructure led to some difficulties for the sector in the beginning. Of course, it is not only Turkish industry that is suffering in this regard, as companies all over the world are experiencing similar problems. We are confident, however, that these problems will be resolved over time, and a more efficient remote working culture will be formed.

In these days when we are trying to understand how the world, and specifically the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, will function in the new era, we hope new opportunities will arise for humanity and the sector. It is too early to make comments on the future, but we would like to think that every cloud has a silver lining.

We need some more time to think about the opportunities of the new period.

What Have We Done?

Immediately after the decision to close the schools was announced, the entire MSI TDR team chose to do its part by starting to work remotely. Although we are experiencing disruptions in some of our functions due to the nature of our work, we are trying to overcome them in the shortest time possible. One such disruptions is that our readers cannot buy MSI TDR from the news outlets.

Within the scope of the measures taken in Turkey to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many of the news outlets that used to sell the printed version of MSI TDR have suspended activities. Accessing those that are still open, on the other hand, both poses a risk to health and threatens the success of the fight against the disease. In order to eliminate these risks, we have decided to suspend the sale of MSI TDR from news outlets beginning from April until everything returns to normal.

We will of course help our readers who cannot go out or that are unable to access our magazine, and will respond directly to their demands. Until the mentioned risks are eliminated, we will regularly provide our readers who used to buy our magazine from news outlets with printed and/or electronic copies of MSI TDR, depending on their preference. For your printed copy and subscription requests, you can contact us directly.

Our existing subscribers, on the other hand, will be unaffected, and their magazines will continue to be delivered to their addresses. If they wish, our subscribers can also access the electronic version of MSI TDR free of charge.

Aside from this, making maximum use of the opportunities offered by today’s communication environment, especially the Internet, we are continuing in our efforts to serve our readers and the sector, and will be intensifying our efforts in some of our activities.

MSI TDR’s Archive Now Accessible by the Whole World

In these extraordinary times, we have reviewed what we could do for those who cannot leave their homes, and have opened MSI TDR’s archive to the world, both in Turkish and English, so that you can still access and read MSI TDR while at home. We will be here for you in these difficult days, sharing one issue from our archive in PDF format every day, free of charge. We will try to alleviate the problems by bringing MSI TDR to your screens. This will give us the opportunity to remember what the sector has experienced over the last 15 years.

What Will We Do from Now On?

In addition to these new approaches that we have adopted over the last few weeks, we have rolled up our sleeves to make improvements and upgrades to our existing website infrastructure in order to provide healthier remote access to MSI TDR‘s services, with our readers and the sector in mind.

In the first phase, our new website will soon go online at www.msidergisi.com, when we will start offering you all of our services related to MSI TDR that we are currently providing through www.savunmahaber.com through this new website. On the other hand, as can be understood from its name (which means “defence news” in Turkish), www.savunmahaber.com will continue to be run as a news portal featuring news addressing the defence and aerospace sector.

We will continue to update you with related developments.

A New Era for AMAC Magazine

The Coronavirus pandemic, which has brought changes to the entire world, has naturally carried all other issues to the bottom of the agenda. One such development, which was the most significant for us in March, was the arrival of a new era for AMAC Magazine.

AMAC Magazine is now being published by DA Publishing, our sister company, which was established in January, and the first issue to roll off the presses of DA Publishing met with the sector in March.

In this new period, AMAC Magazine will continue to serve the sector with novel and enhanced promotional opportunities. You will find all the related details in our interview with Birol Tekince, the Executive Editor, and Vehbi Tunca, the Business Development Director of our sister publication, which we plan to publish in our next issue.

Let us conclude by wishing a long life to our sister publication, which serves as a bridge between the members of the Ankara Military Attaché Corps (AMAC) and the sector, under its new roof.

We hope to see you again next month in our May issue in which we will be sharing with our readers the most important and noteworthy developments from the month of April. We hope we can overcome the negative effects of these difficult days together and in solidarity as soon as possible, and would like to thank you in advance for your understanding in the event of any problems occurring in this process. We wish you many days of full health.

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