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Türkiye Received its 10th and Last A400M Aircraft

by MSI

The 10th and last aircraft Türkiye ordered within the A400M programme entered service on 29 March. As such, Türkiye became the first country to complete its A400M fleet among the countries in the consortium that contributed to the development of the aircraft. Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries announced the development.

After the testing activities, conducted in the Sevilla facilities of Airbus, were concluded, the plane was accepted into service. The plane bears MSN 118 as its tail number and was flown to Türkiye on 30 March by a Turkish Air Force flight crew, and then deployed to the 12th Airlift Main Base Command in Kayseri.

The A400M in question was produced to a higher configuration compared to the rest, giving it higher capabilities than the previously produced A400Ms. The efforts continue to retrofit the previously procured 9 A400Ms to this configuration, and 2 of the A400Ms were retrofitted so far. The retrofit activities are being done in the Retrofit Centre in Kayseri.

Türkiye had joined the A400M programme to meet the Turkish Air Force’s tactical airlift requirements. The first A400M delivered to Türkiye, with MSN 009 as its tail number, entered service in 2014.

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