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Türksat 5A Satellite Reaches its Orbit After 4 Months of Journey

by Buse Köse

Türksat 5A communication satellite reached its final position in 31 Degrees East orbit as of 3 May. Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, announced the development. The journey of the satellite, which was launched from the USA on 8 January, took about 4 months.

The satellite will start to serve once the test activities are completed, which will last about 1 month. Türksat 5A, equipped with an electric propulsion system, will safeguard Turkey’s frequency and orbital rights in this orbit for 30 years.

Türksat 5A will provide TV broadcasting and data communication services in a geography covering Turkey, Europe, and Africa, as well as the Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea. It will also provide advanced data communication services for surface, land, and aerial vehicles. Türksat 5A, orbited in geostationary location at an altitude of 35,786 km, will be the most powerful satellite of the Türksat fleet when it will be put into service and the number of active communication satellites of Turkey in space will reach to 4, while the total number of active satellites will increase to 7.

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