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TÜRKSAT 5A Starts Broadcasting

by MSI

Türksat 5A communication satellite was put into service on 28 June with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Speaking at the ceremony in Türksat’s Gölbaşı campus, President Erdoğan reminded that Türksat 5A was launched into space with Falcon 9 rocket in January and said: “Our satellite, which reached orbit in the first days of May, has become ready to provide service after a long test and preparation work. We increase our satellite communication capacity, backup our existing satellites, and guarantee our orbit rights with Türksat 5A, whose manoeuvre life is calculated as 30 years.”

“Türksat 5A, which has the capacity to provide quality service in television broadcasting and data services, is a really important project in its field with high added value it will provide.” President Erdoğan reminded that it is now time for Türksat 5B satellite and noted that the tests of this satellite, whose design and production stages have been successfully completed, still continue.  He also stated that the goal is to send the Türksat 5B satellite to space with the Falcon 9 rocket in the last quarter of the year. President Erdoğan also added that the data communication capacity will increase 15 times with the introduction of Türksat 5B, which will have more payload capacity than all of Turkey’s satellites to date.

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