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Türksat 5B Joins the “Space Homeland”

by MSI

K. Burak CODUR / b.codur@milscint.com

The latest pearl in a string aimed at strengthening Türkiye’s presence in space, Türksat 5B, was launched on 19 December. The satellite’s launch coincided with the 2nd Space Technologies Week Event, held on 18-19 December, and was followed closely by the future of Turkish space sector, the Turkish youth.

The 2nd Space Technologies Week, organised by Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, was held in the Türksat Gölbaşı Campus, with a theme of “The Advantages Türkiye Will Achieve with the Growing Space and Satellite Sector”. In the event, the youngsters with an interest in space enjoyed a special programme that included experiments. In addition, an ideathon on “reducing carbon emissions through satellite technologies” and various workshop activities were held in the event. In the speeches and sessions, on the other hand, Türkiye’s “Space Homeland” strategies and satellite technologies were discussed.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Türksat 5B Graced the Event

One of the main themes of the event was Türksat 5B. The satellite was launched on the second day of the event, and the occasion brought the participants with Vice President Fuat Oktay and Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, together. The launch was observed live from the space sphere set in the Türksat Gölbaşı Campus.

Türksat 5B was launched at 06.58 Türkiye (Charlie) time, and approximately 30 minutes later the satellite separated from the second stage of the rocket. The satellite will reach its orbit in June after a trip lasting 164 days, utilising its electric propulsion system. The satellite will undergo orbital tests, planned to last for 1.5 months, and be completely operational in August.

Türksat 5B Will Strengthen Türkiye’s Communications Capacity

After the separation of the satellite from the second stage of its rocket, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the participants of the event with a video message. President Erdoğan highlighted that the new satellite will bring redundancy to Türksat 3A and 4A satellites that form the backbone of broadcasting and added: “After Türksat 5B is fully operational, our data speeds and throughput will increase more than 15 times. As such, broadband internet services will be available to the areas with limited internet access and land, aerial, and maritime vehicles within its coverage area. Our satellite will contribute to the protection of our rights on the 42-degree East orbit with its more than 35 years of manoeuvre lifetime. I wish that Türksat 5B will lead to a brighter future for our nation, our country.”

Data: Our Most Precious Property

Vice President Oktay commented on the added value Türksat 5B will provide to Türkiye in his after-launch speech, expressing that the satellite in question is an important step in Türkiye’s aim to enter the top ten countries in satellite technologies field. Vice President Oktay also focused on the increased data the satellite will help produce and said: “We are in an era of big data. In addition to the products and materials you produce, the data you produce, and its control is also very crucial. However, we must not do the drudgery for this data, but we must utilise it for great effect. We are in an era where data is our most precious property. As you have observed, the corporations founded in data technologies field reach market values above a billion dollars very quickly. They contribute to their economies greatly. We cannot have our buried our head in the sand as Türkiye. Our satellites strengthen our infrastructure in this regard.”

Vice President Fuat Oktay

International Relationships Will Be Positively Affected

Vice President Oktay highlighted that Türksat 5B would strengthen the cooperation between Türkiye and the countries in its coverage area as well, with the collaborations gaining new dimensions like aviation and disaster management in addition to technologic and commercial ones.

Vice President Oktay commented the following regarding the future: “We are in a good position regarding the targets we have planned to achieve, but we also set new targets for ourselves. As such, when we launch Türksat 5B, we are discussing Türksat 6A, when we will be launching Türksat 6A we will discuss how to produce our own launch infrastructure, and so on.”

“Space Homeland”

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, focused on “Space Homeland” concept in the speeches he gave on both days of the 2nd Space Technologies Week event, expressing himself as follows: “We have one last frontier, Space Homeland. Our excitement and joy cannot be expressed with mere words. We are now a country launching two satellites in a year to make our claim to Space Homeland. This step we took for Space Homeland will be followed with more and greater steps as well. All the world should know we will continue in our path in our Homeland, Blue Homeland and Space Homeland with increased confidence. Our sole concern is our country enjoying a satellite and communications network as strong as its infrastructure. As such, we work 24/7 for this purpose, we are setting up the groundwork to have our youth reach all kinds of information faster and more reliably through offering every innovation in communications to our public. We are supporting them in today’s competitive world. We accelerated our efforts on communications infrastructure to make sure our youth has some voice in world economy. We now have the required scientific and technical infrastructure to produce our own satellite.”

Minister Karaismailoğlu also reminded that President Erdoğan indicated Türkiye’s vision, strategy, targets, and projects on space in the National Space Programme he proclaimed to the whole world and added: “Our country’s transformation process from ideas to results has officially started thanks to rockets, satellites, ground stations, and other modern infrastructure within many projects that places a crucial importance on our organisational capacity. In this process, a common mind and strength started to form, in all organisations ranging from Türksat to TÜBİTAK, from ASELSAN to Roketsan, from Presidency of Defence Industries to Turkish Aerospace, our universities and of course, our private sector. Türkiye, now a country that can produce and test its own satellites, has great targets to achieve in the next 10 years. Our targets are great, our strength and efforts high, our work plenty, and our unity unshakable.”

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure

No Presence in Space, No Power on Earth

Minister Karaismailoğlu expressed the following regarding the future of their efforts: “We updated one of our old sayings, ‘No trace in the field, no face in harvest’ as ‘No presence in space, no power on Earth’ in our space and satellite efforts. A very demanding process is ahead of us. We will make Türkiye a leader in the region and a forerunner in the world on space sector with our hard work in space and satellite projects.”

The participants of 2nd Space Technologies Week observed the launch live from the space sphere in the Türksat Gölbaşı Campus.

National and Domestic Solutions Without Any Interruptions

In the 2nd Space Technologies Week event, Türksat 6A was at the forefront as much as Türksat 5B. Türksat, a satellite operator competing in the international market, is preparing to provide a national solution such as Türksat 6A project in addition to adding modern satellites like Türksat 5A and 5B in order to both be a strong competitor in its field and to provide uninterrupted service. The event was also a platform to share the latest developments on Türksat 6A.

We provide our special dossier containing details about Türksat 5B and its launch, the latest developments on Türksat 6A, and the events within the 2nd Space Technologies Week to our readers in the following pages.

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