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Türksat and ASELSAN Shake Hands to Develop Ka-Band National Satellite Systems

by MSI-stajyer

Türksat and ASELSAN signed a contract for the “Ka-Band National Satellite Communication HUB System and Modem Development Project” at a ceremony held on 17 February that was attended by Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, and Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries (SSB).

The systems to be developed under the project will support the delivery of uninterrupted broadband satellite internet service, especially in challenging terrains where there is no terrestrial infrastructure. These systems will also provide air and sea platforms easier access to broadband satellite internet service. Users will be able to connect to the satellite via the modem to be developed as part of the project. Hub systems, also to be developed will connect the satellites to the ground stations.

Addressing the participants at the ceremony, Minister Karaismailoğlu said: “We are witnessing the signing of the agreement for the Ka-Band National Communication HUB System and Modem Development Project between Türksat and ASELSAN. We will produce HUB systems and modems with local and indigenous means. Within the scope of this project, 150 special modems will be produced and two HUB systems will be set up. Upon completion of the project, products geared towards corporate customers, home users, military and private tactical applications will be available for sale.”

Prof. Dr. Demir praised the signing of the agreement in his speech. Noting that Turkey’s moves towards indigenous space and satellite technologies will continue, Prof. Dr. Demir said: “… such technologies can be applied in not only the military, but also in civilian areas. This will be a major step on the way to improving Turkey’s space capacity through indigenous means. We expect the progression of such efforts in the future,”.

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