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Türksat Becomes the Communications Sponsor of SEDEC 2022

by Can Kılınç

Türksat joined the ranks of SEDEC sponsors. In the press release published by SEDEC on 18 May, it was highlighted that Türksat was going to be the event’s Communications Sponsor.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 2022-05-18-SEDEC-Turksat-v1-1-1024x576.png

As satellite communications play an increasingly important role for border security, SEDEC also included satellite technologies in its agenda. Following statements were included in the press release published by SEDEC organisation: “When a holistic approach to security evaluation is taken, it is obvious that even if all physical security precautions are present with the state-of-the-art technologies, every single security precaution is vulnerable if communications are not secured. In today’s world, communications are fast and widespread, and individuals take advantage of the communications technologies as much as they can; however, this widespread adoption makes communications security and secure communications a must. As such, having national systems to provide communications services is crucial for counterintelligence efforts.”

SEDEC is preparing to open its doors to public between 28-30 June in Ankara for the third time.

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