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Unidef’s Armed Trailer System Showed Up in MRBS After First Firing Test

by Can Kılınç

Unidef’s Armed Trailer System (ATS) was showcased in MRBS as a product that passed its firing test. The first firing test of the system happened on 30 September in Ankara, just before the event. Delegations from Turkey and abroad witnessed the test as well.

ATS has key features that offer it an advantage for border security applications. The system offers an alternative to fixed weapon turrets and vehicles with an integrated weapons station. ATS being able to be deployed quickly where it is needed and prepared to be mission ready with haste offers the system the flexibility needed to meet the ever-changing demands of border security.


  • Being able to be controlled from a safe distance, with a wired or wireless connection,
  • Able to be operated by a single person,
  • Able to generate the power with included smart power packs and power generators,

are the key features for the system giving the capability to be operated as an independent unit.

Thus, ATS can be deployed and utilised whereever it is needed for border security. Without a system similar to ATS, the end users may prefer to use the weapon systems mounted on their vehicles; however, this deprives them of the primary capability of said vehicles: mobility.

The system was developed with forward bases and border security applications in mind, with its integrated radar and electro-optic sensors, and is able to carry out various missions, such as detection, identification, warning, deterrence and if required, neutralization of threats. In the firing test, Retinar PTR-X Perimeter Surveillance Radar was integrated into the system. The subsystems on the ATS were remote controlled when the firing test started. In accordance to the test scenario, first, the Retinar PTR-X detected the moving target from a distance of about 640 metres. Then, the weapon system, which was housed inside of the trailer, popped out from its hatch, ready to be used. The weapon was directed automatically to the heading of the target, which was provided by Retinar PTR-X, and then stopped to wait for any commands from the operator. The operator then aimed the weapon system at the target precisely using the video feed from the electro-optical system housed on the turret and opened fire. The target was hit successfully.

Unirobotics Introduced Itself to Border Security Community

Unirobotics, a subsidiary of Unidef, attended a border security focused event for the first time, within Unidef’s booth. The company supports ATS with the subsystems and software it develops. Unirobotics provides products such as Active Stabilised Weapon Mount and solutions to transform ordinary rifles and pistols to “smart weapons/IoT weapons” and in the event, the company had the opportunity to present its capabilities.

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