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Which Sarsılmaz Is Right for You?

by Can Kılınç

Arms industry in general and pistol sector in particular has been producing alternatives that can meet every demand of the users in the last few years. Many alternative selections, including body (frame) material, magazine capacity, sights, and even grips are offered for the user and his or her desires. Custom made pistols are not a distant dream, the user only needs to know what he or she wants and consult a pistol manufacturer. Sarsılmaz is one of the most prominent brands in pistol production and produces many full featured pistol models that go above and beyond the international standards as well as the needs of the user. The company also continues its efforts to come up with new innovative features to add to existing models and develop new models as well.

Sarsılmaz is a firearms brand that is well regarded and preferred around the world and offers over 65 pistol models. A potential user who wishes to procure a pistol can choose an appropriate model from the wide product range of the company. The user must take many points into account to choose between these models, however. The most important of these may be the materials used for the pistol: polymer frame or steel frame. This selection affects the weight of the pistol as well. If the user desires to forget about the weight of the firearm and enjoy the advantages of a lightweight pistol, he or she picks polymer frame pistols. However, if the weight is not a concern, if the user will not be affected by the weight of the pistol in his or her daily activities, then a steel frame pistol becomes the number one choice.

The members of K2 45 family have one of the largest magazine capacities for a .45 ACP pistol around the world.

The second most important criteria the user must consider to choose a pistol is the purpose of use. Security, sporting, or something in between. If the user wants to be secure or serves in dangerous environments, he or she may look for a model without a safety lever. In other cases, the user may desire the safest pistol possible, including a firing pin safety, striker safety, loaded chamber indicator, and trigger safety. Another point that should be touched on is MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails, as they become more prominent for pistols. Sarsılmaz offers this rail system as standard in many of its pistols, both in steel and polymer frame models, and users can utilise many accessories like tactical flashlights and laser designators with this standardised rail system.

Sport shooting and marksmanship may also draw people to pistol ownership as it becomes more popular worldwide. The material, safety and purpose criteria, and precision offers many possible selections. The user thus needs a guide for this reason.

In the following sections, we have provided various answers to frequently asked questions when picking a pistol model.

K12 SPORT X was designed for the most effective usage with its cooling channels and specially designed grip.

First Step: Steel or Polymer?

Steel frame pistols have become traditional and for very good reasons. They offer reliability and endurance, along with less muzzle rise thanks to their weight, better performance in rapid firing, and better resistance to high temperature conditions. The other choice is polymer frame pistols, as the material science ensures polymer materials have a very strong structure and thus becomes more widespread. The polymer frame pistols are lightweight and easier to carry, offering these advantages to their users.

Sarsılmaz designs and produces all its pistols, whether steel or polymer frame, to ensure perfect performance, efficiency, and safety. Every single model is designed through intense engineering efforts and tested in line with international standards. The user then only needs to pick a model from Sarsılmaz’s wide product range with his or her preferences.

KILINÇ 2000 series have been in use by Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish National Police as service pistols over the years.

Steel Frame Pistols Offer a Strong Grip and Unmatched Performance

Steel is a material that has been in use by the arms industry for centuries, as tough as it can be with unmatched results. As such, the users who desire a traditional pistol go with steel as their material of choice. Sarsılmaz brand steel frame pistols are designed and produced to offer the best results for professional, personal defence and sport uses. Steel frame pistols offer a strong grip thanks to their weight and reduce muzzle rise for the same reason. As such, they offer the best results for precise shooting at a target. These pistols have traditional materials, however, their production technologies and the features they bring are anything but. Apart from the K12 family, all steel frame pistols from Sarsılmaz use a double action. The K12 family is aimed at sport shooting, and as such, offers a single action trigger system.

P8 family comes with compensators that prevent muzzle rise.

Sarsılmaz’s steel frame pistol offerings include its P8 L, P8 S, K2 45, K2-45 C, K12 SPORT, K12 SPORT X, KILINÇ 2000 LIGHT, KILINÇ 2000 MEGA, K11, SR 38 6” and SR 38 4” models, with their most prominent features being listed as follows:

  • P8 family comes with compensators that prevent muzzle rise. The pistol family also has changeable front sight and adjustable rear sight, along with cooling channels on the frame. The pistols in this family can be easily customised, with different grip choices, and if desired, handmade gravure slides are also offered. If the pistol is desired to be an heirloom, even gold plated, or mother-of-pearl inlaid grips can be a choice.
  • K2 45 series offer a high capacity .45 ACP pistol to its users, a rarity in the pistol market around the world. These pistols are offered with a 14-round magazine. K2 45 series pistols also have adjustable sights and come with MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails under the barrel. The pistol has also an elegant, thin grip despite packing a double stacked .45 ACP magazine, proving just how much engineering effort went into the grip. The pistol is very easy to use with the thin grip and offers a smooth trigger.
  • K12 SPORT pistol family is specially developed for competitive shooting. The pistol is a hammer fired one, with its barrel, slide, and body being made of stainless-steel alloy. The pistol is easily customisable for the user, with adjustable sights and trigger. These pistols come with lengthened safety lever, magazine release and slide release to ensure one handed operation is easy and smooth. As such, shooters can easily reach these controls as quickly as possible, ensuring no time is lost fiddling around with the firearm in competitive shooting. K12 SPORT also comes with a magwell that further Increases the speed of operation.
  • KILINÇ 2000 series have been used by both the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish National Police as a service pistol. The pistol has a completely stainless-steel alloy body, offering high reliability to its user. The pistol has a changeable front sight, firing pin safety, ergonomic hammer and comfortable trigger guard as standard.
  • K11 is a model designed for ease of use in all conditions. The most significant feature of the pistol is its ability to be cocked when the safety lever is in safe position. As such, the pistol offers no time loss in situations that require pistol to be ready quickly or shot quickly, making it a prime choice for security and protection missions.
  • SR 38 series pistols are revolvers. This family offers an excellent choice for collectors as they are a modernised version of a classical form. The pistols can be ideal for close range protection missions, as they are immediately ready for firing.
SR 38 series offer an immaculate design for collectors.

Polymer Pistols Offer Safety and Ease of Use

Polymer is one of the materials that have been more in demand for pistols in the recent years and it brings flexibility. The polymer frame pistols from Sarsılmaz come with the latest technologies while having stainless steel alloy barrels.

Sarsılmaz offers a wide range of products for polymer frame pistols as well. The potential purchasers are met with pistols chambering different rounds, using different barrel lengths, magazine capacities, and even body colours. As for their operating principles, B6 family uses a double action system while SAR 9 family uses a single action.

B6 family is prominent for its firsts. B6C is Türkiye’s first domestic compact polymer frame pistol.

Sarsılmaz’s polymer frame pistol family consists of B6, B6C, B6C-S, B6C-M, B6C-LR, SAR 9T, SAR 9 METE, SAR 9X, SAR 9 SPORT, SAR 9C, SAR 9, SAR 9 SP, SAR 9 SC, SAR 9 Gen2 and SAR 9 CX models, and their most important features are listed as follows:

  • B6 family is renowned for its firsts, for example, B6C is the first national polymer frame pistol in Türkiye. The pistols in this family have various barrel length and ammunition options, ensuring the user has a model with their desired features. Sarsılmaz also offers less traditional colour choices: B6C model pistols are offered in violet and pink in addition to traditional matte black.
  • SAR 9 family’s namesake, SAR 9, is undoubtedly the flagship of polymer frame pistol offerings from Sarsılmaz. The model was the winner of the Türkiye’s Indigenous Local Handgun Development Project, as a result of its design to offer the perfect performance even in the toughest of conditions. SAR 9 family developed in line with user demands, with new members joining in one by one. SAR 9 family is a striker fired, polymer frame pistol with stainless steel alloy barrel and slide. All models use a single action system with a standard 9×19 mm round. The grips of the pistols feature three side and back grip covers, easily changeable by the user. In addition, all models come with trigger and firing pin safety. Another common feature among these pistols is their picatinny rail system, with all models except SAR 9 SC coming as standard with it.

SAR 9 is not only a domestic hit, with many countries using the pistol around the world with delight. The SAR 9X model of the pistol was even chosen as pistol of the year in 2020 in the US by two different magazines, one by the votes of the editors and experts, one by the readers. In short, SAR 9 family is the pride of Türkiye and Sarsılmaz in the international arena.

After evaluating all the features and advantages of material choice and selecting either steel or polymer as the frame of the pistol, the user now has more choices to make.


Step Two: Purpose of Use

The potential pistol user must ask himself or herself a very important question: for what purpose he or she needs a pistol or for which use case this pistol is going to be purchased. Security, sports shooting, or collection? Choosing based on the answer to this question is most often the correct choice. However modern the production technology, the pistol’s ability to meet the user’s demands is the most important criterion regarding the performance of the pistol in the user’s hands. In this phase, the user must determine certain criteria to be most important for himself or herself. For example, if one needs concealed carry more than anything else, then he or she must choose with this in mind. If the user wishes to take part in competitive shooting, without any concern for personal defence, then he or she must choose from a whole different set of features.

SAR 9T offers a tactical option without a safety lever, giving its users a practical and quick shooting capabilities.

One of Most Prominent Needs: Security

When one is purchasing a pistol, the most prominent need is often regarded as security. The user’s need for security, whether for his or her missions or situation may guide the user to purchasing a pistol. Various security features of Sarsılmaz brand pistol models are listed as follows:

  • For a user who needs to carry a pistol all the time due to the situation he or she finds himself or herself in, the weight of the pistol and its barrel length becomes more important. These two criteria directly affect the user’s ability to carry, whether open or concealed. In addition, the barrel length directly affects the firearm’s ability to preciously hit the target. The longer the barrel, the easier the pistol can hit its target, but the harder for its user to carry it. As such, the first choice of the users who wish to comfortably carry their weapon concealed is a short barrelled pistol. For steel frame pistols, the P8 S model of the P8 family with a shorter barrel length and smaller dimensions enjoy attention from especially the female users who desire to carry their pistols concealed. The shortness of the barrel does not affect the capacity of the pistol, however. It is still able to carry either 15 or 17 rounds, depending on the magazine. Polymer frame pistols offer more choices for concealed carry: B6C, B6C-S, B6C-M and SAR 9 SC, with its 85 mm length in total, corner this niche of the market. SAR 9 SC should be mentioned especially, as it is the smallest member of the SAR 9 family in the sub-compact class. The pistol still has a 12 round magazine and three dot sight for low light conditions despite being a very small one.
  • Other than barrel length, the safety features of the pistol can affect the model to be chosen. The user may choose from many Sarsılmaz models that offer features like a firing pin safety, hammer safety, loaded chamber indicator among others. However, security forces personnel that perform dangerous missions may encounter situations where they need to use their firearm immediately, they may pick models like steel frame K11 that can be cocked even in the safe mode. If these users wish for a polymer frame pistol, they can pick models like SAR 9T that offers a tactical option without a safety lever, giving its users a practical and quick shooting capabilities and as such, it is chosen by security forces and military forces.
  • Sarsılmaz also offers its users pistols chambering various rounds in addition to offering them options for barrel length, weight, and safety features. Perhaps the most prominent family from these is the K2 45 family that uses .45 ACP rounds. One of Sarsılmaz’s pride offerings, it has the largest magazine capacity for a pistol chambering .45 ACP round, with 14. Another member of the family, K2-45C brings together portability with firepower, with its short barrel. Polymer frame pistols have more options for different calibres. If the user wants another calibre from standard 9×19 mm, he or she can choose a 7.65 mm B6C-M, a.22LR B6C-LR, or even a pistol chambering the 9×17 mm round, B6C-S.
  • When it comes to security, the SAR 9 SP model, designed in line with the needs of Turkish Special Forces Command, presents itself graciously under the limelight with the features it has. In addition to standard features of SAR 9 family, the pistol can accept a suppressor, along with more specialised features like a raised tritium-based sight, a magwell, and a lanyard ring. The tritium-based sight makes it possible to get a clearer sight picture even in low light conditions, the magwell ensures the user can change magazines as he or she tracks the target, and the lanyard ring makes sure the pistol will not fall down randomly from its holster. The cooling channels on the slide help barrel to cool down after intense rapid firing of the pistol.
SAR 9X model was chosen as the pistol of the year in the USA twice by two separate magazines.

Options for Sports Shooters

Purchasing a pistol is not only for security purposes. A user may decide to buy a pistol for sport shooting, even if he or she does not have any security concerns. Sarsılmaz once again provides various models with superior performance even for this usage case. Perhaps the biggest difference between sporting pistols and traditional pistols is their operating mechanism. The pistols aimed at competition shooting usually use a single action trigger. In these pistols, the hammer gets cocked after the pistol is shot, using the gas and force created by the cartridge to push the slide back. This trigger system is especially chosen in competitive shooting as the user wants a light trigger pull to ensure speed and precision is not compromised. Sarsılmaz’s steel frame K12 SPORT and K12 SPORT X models and polymer frame SAR 9 SPORT models prove themselves as the best choice in this regard. Some of the features these models offer are as follows:

  • Steel frame K12 SPORT pistol family comes with adjustable triggers. As such, the users can change the reset distance of the trigger, lengthening or shortening it in line with user’s desires, helping them lose less time between rapid precise firing. Adjustable sights allow the user to zero the weapon himself or herself depending on the conditions at the range and the weight of the bullet. The other member of the family, K12 SPORT X has cooling channels on the slide, giving the user certain cooling advantages as with other Sarsılmaz pistols with the same feature, and they lighten the weapon, just a touch compared to its sibling.
  • Polymer frame SAR 9 SPORT makes a difference with its energetic appearance and practical user experience. With a new generation polymer body, SAR 9 SPORT is truly a competition pistol, offering the user faith in the system with its 19-round magazine, its Cerakote® coating, and cooling channels that improve the performance further. SAR 9 SPORT was designed for competition shooters, giving the user highest performance possible with its long barrel, internal steel cassette system and a trigger mechanism that was designed for more precise fire.
The smallest of SAR 9 family, SAR 9 SC, can carry 12 rounds despite its small size and short barrel length.

Sarsılmaz Produces Pistols for Every Need

Every user needs a different pistol in line with his or her needs and expectations, and Sarsılmaz provides a model for every imaginable need or expectation. Any one of Sarsılmaz’s pistols go above and beyond a standard pistol, thanks to the company’s framework that brings innovative production processes and quality, corporate organisation and customer satisfaction, innovative design and R&D activities together for around 150 years. Most important of all, Sarsılmaz considers customer satisfaction as a red line that cannot be compromised in every single of the products it produces in line with customer demands. A Sarsılmaz user knows the pistol he or she is holding in his or her hand will meet every need that made him or her to buy a pistol. The user also can rest easy, thanks to the immense during and after sale support Sarsılmaz provides to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

SAR 9 SP model is the specially designed version in the SAR 9 family, developed in line with the needs of Turkish Special Forces Command.
SAR 9 SPORT offers reliability with its high capacity 19-round magazine.

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