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With its NATO-Approved New Certificate, İNDES Engineering will be Able to Undertake Top Secret Projects

by MSI

Standing out with its infrastructure investments recently, İNDES Engineering has received a Facility Security Clearance Certificate from the Ministry of National Defence (MSB) at the end of May. With this new document, signed by Yunus Emre Karaosmanoğlu, Deputy Minister of National Defence; the company received a NATO-approved National Secret Level Facility Security Clearance Certificate. The document will pave the way for İNDES Engineering to take part in top secret projects.

On the other hand, the company also applied to MSB for Manufacturing Permit Certificate and Approved Supplier Certificate. The company, which has completed the necessary processes, is currently waiting for the audit to be carried out by MSB. İNDES Engineering officials stated that these documents will be obtained after the necessary inspections get carried out in the next few months.

For this development, statement made by İNDES Engineering included the following: “As İNDES Engineering , we will continue to carry out continuous improvement and development activities in our facilities, where we have a wide hardware infrastructure to meet different project needs. Taking into consideration the current demands of our users and the demands they may bring to the agenda in the future, we keep our entire infrastructure up-to-date and pay attention to every detail to maintain our reliable company quality.”

The facility of İNDES Engineering Solutions in OSTİM Teknopark stands out with the following features:

  • 700 square meter total area
  • Architecture suitable for design, prototype production and mass production
  • Contemporary interior design prepared with the vision of our young and innovative team
  • Architecture and hardware suitable for facility security infrastructure
  • R&D and engineering offices
  • ESD Protected Electromechanical Assembly and Integration Laboratory
  • Dark Room (Optical Test Chamber)
  • Prototype workshop for mechanical fabrications

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