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YALTES: A Worldwide Centre of Excellence for Combat Management Systems of Surface Vessels

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

Combat Management Systems (CMS) are the key for modern warships to utilise their sensors and weapons effectively. YALTES’ solutions are already a part of every indigenous and modernised platform currently serving in the Turkish Naval Forces. These products, marketed by Thales, also serve in 29 countries around the world as well. This makes YALTES a household name for CMS solutions around the world.

Naval forces around the world are both modernising existing platforms in line with emerging requirements and making new platforms operational. CMS is crucial for a naval platform to be an integrated and capable combat platform with all its functions, in both modernization and new procurement projects.

YALTES’ surface CMS solutions serve in 29 countries.

CMS is a core focus within the Turkish Naval Forces Command’s initiative to develop indigenous platforms since beginning of 2000s. YALTES has been a part of this process, ever since Ship Integrated Combat Management System (GENESİS) project.

The company’s CMS products for surface vessels are in service in around 50 platforms in Türkiye, and in 29 countries spanning 5 continents around the world. When equipment like consoles and cabinets are considered, over 600 YALTES products serve in these platforms, with half of these products serving in end-users outside of Türkiye.

The photographs that show the battle stations of a warship usually present operators, consoles, and cabinets together.

Among the platforms that utilize YALTES’ solutions are frigates, corvettes, amphibious ships, support and supply ships, offshore patrol vessels, fast attack craft and coast guard boats. On some of these platforms, all CMS hardware except sensors and weapons are composed of YALTES’ products.

YALTES Has a Solution for Every Requirement with Its Wide Product and Service Line-Up

YALTES offers a wide range of products and solutions aimed at CMS for surface platforms, with main ones being:

  • Consoles and Cabinets
  • Combat System Data Network (CSDN)
  • Combat System Video Network (CSVN)
  • Support and Interface Units
  • Sensor and Weapon Integration
  • Modernisation
  • Mission System for Small and Light Platforms and an Integrated Coastal Surveillance System
YALTES uses 32-inch displays in its new generation consoles. This allows the display to show images from radars or electro-optical sensors and mission management applications together.

YALTES can offer these services and products in line with choices of the end-users and procurement authorities. Sema Muslu, Project Manager and Project Management Office (PMO) Manager at YALTES has shared the following on this regard: “YALTES has the experience and capability to undertake a complete CMS project, like the solutions we currently provide to small and light platforms. When we list our accomplishments up to today, one can easily see what YALTES can do for CMS. YALTES has delivered the smallest and most basic of the components to the software and hardware for a complete CMS and these deliveries are in active service.

Consoles protect the units they house and mission payloads from environmental conditions.

With this in mind, our end-users and procurement authorities determine what kind of role we will play in a project. For example, if another company has been determined to be the prime contractor for CMS, we can be a subcontractor that provide CSDN, CSVN, consoles or cabinets. We can also be the prime contractor for duties like sensor and weapon integration to a platform or modernisation of a platform.

In domestic projects, we mainly act as a subcontractor that provides systems to prime contractors, in line with the assignments by Defence Industry Agency. As for our export projects, there are projects we were selected to be the prime contractor for an entire CMS.”

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