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YALTES’ Consoles Proved Themselves at the Launch of AKYA Torpedo

by MSI

YALTES’ solutions aimed at submarine platforms continue to prove themselves in the field, with the last success being the successful firing tests of AKYA torpedo, announced by Ministry of National Defence in March. The firing tests were conducted by the TCG PREVEZE (S-353) submarine. The consoles designed and produced by YALTES were integrated into the submarine in question within the mid-life modernisation activities of the PREVEZE class submarines.

Bülent Hamzaoğlu, General Manager of YALTES, had shared the following in an interview that was published on Turkish edition of MSI TDR in its 219th (February 2022) issue: “The most important project for us was the Mid Life Modernisation (YÖM) of PREVEZE class submarines. We delivered some systems to TÜBİTAK for this modernisation. YALTES is a company that has proved itself in surface platforms. Submarine platforms, on the other hand, present various challenges, especially in volume, cooling, power requirements and environmental conditions. PREVEZE YÖM was the main indicator for us showing that we could surpass these challenges. We consider the project in high regard for this reason.

We installed the hardware we delivered in 2021 in the project. We took apart the consoles and cabinets you see in our presentations so that we could rebuild them in the limited space available in the submarine. We then passed the tests one by one, and the submarine finally became ready for service.”

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