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Yeniay Lojistik Presented the Key for Reliable Service

by Can Kılınç

Yeniay Lojistik highlighted data security and data privacy, two crucial topics for providing reliable logistics support in defence and aerospace industry, during the talks held in MRBS’21. The company has ISO 27701 certification, a rarity in the sector, and it underlined the benefits of the certification for any potential customer.

Data security and data privacy is a must for logistics companies, as they may be working with lots of organisations including rival companies. ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 are the standards used to certify said requirements. ISO 27001 requires companies to establish an Information Security Management System (ISMS), while ISO 27701 deals with the companies establishing a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) in addition to ISMS. Thus, organisations with both certifications become compliant with EU’s requirements for data privacy.

Ahmet Çimer, Vice Chairperson of Board of Yeniay Lojistik and Nermin Önder, Chairperson of Board of Yeniay Lojistik

Yeniay Lojistik offers a high level of data privacy to the sector companies with its ISO 27701 certification. Nermin Önder, Chairwoman of Board of Yeniay Lojistik, expressed the following on this topic: “Sector pioneers see Yeniay Lojistik as a reliable partner handling their logistics requirements for their critical projects.”

Yeniay Lojistik considers the addition of ISO 27701 to the conditions of contract in the agreements within the sector will be beneficial. Company officials highlighted this matter during their talks as well.

Ms. Önder shared her thoughts on the participation of the company in the event as follows: “We have observed a gap in the services offered to defence and aerospace sector and we entered the sector to close that gap by offering safe, reliable, and high quality services. Our company enjoyed a great deal of attention in both IDEF’21 and MRBS’21 with sector leaders. We will continue to attend sector events and keep in touch with our current and potential customers.”

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